April 22, 2019

Ford Ireland Launch Further All Wheel Drive Options

New options for drivers looking for more traction from their Ford

Ford Mondeo AWD ireland
New Ford Mondeo AWD at Mondello

You can now buy a Ford Mondeo, S-MAX. and Galaxy with all wheel drive. This ‘intelligent’ new system can help drivers tackle off-road terrain, improve grip on slippery roads, and even optimise performance for track driving.

At a test drive event in Mondello Park, Ford Ireland demonstrated how the new ‘Intelligent All Wheel Drive’ (AWD) system improves traction on models such as the Mondeo and S-MAX..

When equipped, this new system delivers a seamless transition of torque between all four wheels to provide a more secure footing on the road especially in slippery conditions. Intelligent All Wheel Drive measures how the car’s wheels are gripping the road surface and can adjust torque delivery up to 50/50 between the front and rear wheels in under 20 milliseconds – twenty times quicker than it takes to blink. By only delivering torque where and when it is needed, Intelligent All Wheel Drive has minimal impact on fuel-efficiency and CO2 emissions compared with permanent four wheel drive systems.

Ford now offers 8 out of 17 vehicle lines in Europe with all wheel drive or four wheel drive technologies, compared to just three models in 2012. Models include the Focus RS high-performance hatchback, the Ranger pick-up, new Ford Edge and Kuga SUVs, Mondeo range including Vignale, Galaxy and S-MAX. The Ford Transit also features a unique Intelligent All Wheel Drive system, offering class-leading traction and dynamics and featuring a selectable all wheel drive lock mode for optimised grip in extreme conditions.

The company expects to sell 139,000 all wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles across Europe in 2016 – a 120% increase compared to 2014.

The new Mondeo AWD range starts from €34,895 for Zetec 5-door AWD 2.0 litre TDCi 150PS from (€31,695 for similar FWD model). S-Max AWD range starts from €42,185 for Zetec 5-door AWD 2.0 litre TDCi 150PS (from €38,985 for similar FWD model). Galaxy AWD range starts from €45,285 for Zetec 5-door AWD 2.0 litre TDCi 150PS (from €42,085 for similar FWD model).

Caroline Kidd

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