January 18, 2019

10 Signs You’re Sweet On Cars

ten signs you are sweet on cars
If you can find a parking space where you can keep an eye on the car, you're happy!

Are you sweet on cars? Here are ten signs that you might be!

ten signs you are sweet on cars
You’re out with the sponge most weekends!

1. Your car is cleaner than your house.

2. Your car is always the solitary one on the top floor of the car park.

3. You park your car but always glance back as you’re walking away just to check it’s “ok”.

4. You don’t trust anyone to drive or park your car with the same respect as you do.

5. You nerd out on the owner’s manual when you get a new car. You want to know EVERYTHING about it. You even read the 100 page guide about how to operate the radio.

6. You know your car’s chassis number off by heart. If you are a bit rusty on that, you will certainly know where to find it!

7. You are a firm believer in simple car maintenance. Your car will never be the one that runs low on oil or water.

ten signs you are sweet on cars
If you can find a parking space where you can keep an eye on the car, you’re happy!

8. And your car passes the NCT first time, every time!

9. You can recognise most cars from just the rear light cluster or the shape of the headlamps. You’re that good. You have all the deets on suspicious cars in your area.

10. You could never date someone who the only thing that they were ever sure about a car was the colour.

Are you sweet on cars? Tell me why in the comments below!

Caroline Kidd

20 Comments on 10 Signs You’re Sweet On Cars

          • You should know! You’re driving VW and they’re the parent company of Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ducati, etc. lol VW are affordable that’s all. No issues with your Golf I hope? 🙂

          • That’s awesome! How long have you owned it now? Mine is at 115,000 and still counting. VW makes great cars and you made an excellent choice in getting yourself a Golf! Do you have any pictures of it?

          • Beautiful! I love the color, wheels, and plates! If I had that car I would tint it lol

          • You’re welcome! I would necessarily consider tints a mod but I know what you mean. That is also a beautiful car! I love my Audi especially because it is a V6 and equipped with Quattro! We got over 110 inches of snow this year so I’m putting the system to good use lol do you need the 4motion system around your way?

          • Oh I’m jealous, I’m sure it sounds really nice. No, I don’t really need four wheel drive because we don’t get much snow, and it’s not good for mpg 🙁

          • It was too quiet actually so I installed a miltek exhaust system and removed two of the four resonators so now it sounds amazing. My girlfriend hates it but I love it. It’s not too loud nor too quiet, it’s just right especially when I step on it. Tell me about it lol my AWD is always on so I get horrible mpg compared to you. I’m also required to put a minimum 91 octane grade but I put 93 octane instead. Does yours require premium 91 too?

          • Gosh I don’t know, I just choose the “unleaded” pump. I’m in Ireland so maybe it’s different in the US…I would love to hear the noise. You should record and upload to YouTube 🙂

          • Oh God lol hopefully it’s not our regular unleaded! That stuff is 87 grade octane but hey, if your car runs great still then all this crap about different grades being better than the other is nonsense. Really? I’ll try to post one today and if not today, then soon!

          • Cool why not? Send me the link. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, we all fill our cars up here with it. I looked it up though, think it’s 95, I just never saw it referred to like that 🙂

          • I’m at work so hopefully I have a few minutes of down time. I will as soon as I upload it! Oh, 95 is great! Very few gas stations here actually have 95 grade octane.

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