The Ford Escort Cabriolet
The Ford Escort Cabriolet

It’s easy to get carried away when buying a new car. I remember falling in love with a metallic purple Ford Escort Cabriolet and seriously thinking about buying it even though it had a big engine that would have made it costly to fuel, tax and insure. Then there was the canvas roof that would have needed lots of care and attention.

Just because it was within my budget and looked gorgeous didn’t make the Escort the right car for me. A car that is within budget may have hidden costs like high fuel bills and motor tax or complicated maintenance requirements. That’s  fine if you can afford it. But it’s good to consider these things before buying the car.

Here are twenty questions every twentysomething should be asking themselves when it comes to buying a car that will reconcile with both the heart and the head. Is it such a bargain after all?

1)      Can I afford the repayments?

2)      Will the car hold its value well?

3)      How much will it cost to tax?

4)      How much will it cost to insure?

5)      How much will it cost to replace the tyres?

6)      How much will it cost to service?

7)      Does it have a spare tyre?

8)      Which fuel type is it?

9)      Is it front wheel drive/rear wheel drive/ four wheel drive?

10)   How many miles per gallon will I get?

11)   Does the car have any special maintenance requirements?

12)   When is it due vehicle road worthiness testing?

13)   Does it have a warranty?

14)   What does the warranty cover?

15)   Does it have the equipment I want/need?

16)   Does everything work?

17)   Is it safe?

18)   Is it three door/five door?

19)   Does it suit my lifestyle?

20)   Is there somewhere to put my coffee?!

Caroline Kidd