Andy Warhol BMW Art Car

The Evolution of the BMW Art Car

It's 40 years this year since the first BMW Art Car was shown to the world for the first time.

In 1975, French racing driver and art enthusiast Hervé Poulain asked artist and friend Alexander Calder to design his BMW race car. The brightly coloured 3.0 CSL was an instant crowd’s favourite when it lined up at Le Mans. The BMW Art Car was born.Read more

Opel Adam Rocks Car Review

Opel Adam Rocks 1.0L Turbo Review

The Opel Adam Rocks is a new addition to the Adam city car family and it is what Opel is branding as an “urban mini crossover”.  The changes are largely cosmetic, but the launch of the Adam Rocks coincides with the arrival of Opel’s new 1.0 litre three cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, so it’s kind of like meeting Adam for the first time all over again!

With a second chance to impress, this is what we really need to find out: is it worth forking out just under €21,000 for a trendy small car like Opel Adam Rocks?Read more

new facts about car finance Ireland

8 New Facts About Car Finance in Ireland

Volkswagen Ireland commissioned a survey of 1000 adults about how they feel about car finance in advance of the launch of the 152 registration plate on 1st July.Read more

save money on fuel

10 Driving Habits You Need To Break To Save Money On Your Fuel Bill

Don’t we all want lower fuel bills? Here are ten driving habits that you need to break now to save fuel!

Read more

Self Parking 2015 Ford Focus

Video: 2015 Ford Focus Self-Parking Demonstration

For 2015, Ford's Active Park Assist has a new feature. As well as parallel parking, it can now perpendicular park in bays.Read more

Rolls-Royce Wraith Inspired by Fashion 1

Rolls-Royce Launch 'Wraith - Inspired by Fashion'

Pop over to to read my article on the 'Wraith - Inspired by Fashion' from Rolls-Royce. What better way to launch this bespoke beauty than with a stunning and provocative fashion shoot on the production line?

You can read the article and ogle the photos here.

Caroline Kidd

ten signs you are sweet on cars

10 Signs You're Sweet On Cars

Are you sweet on cars? Here are ten signs that you might be!Read more