The Kia Sportspace concept one of the stars of 2015 Geneva Motor Show
The Kia Sportspace concept one of the stars of 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Carmakers score major hits at Geneva Motor Show 2015

The Geneva Motor Show is an interesting mix of new cars that haven’t reached our roads yet, and out of this world concept cars. We’ve chosen five great ideas the carmakers brought to the show this year.

1. Super, slick, sexy estates

The estate is back for sure with Kia choosing to preview what we believe to be the basis for the next Optima as an estate not a saloon in the shape of the stunning Kia Sportspace concept. Audi were at it as well, with the Prologue Avant concept. It was previously shown at LA in 2014 as a two door sports coupé, but at Geneva it had the extra doors and elongated roofline of an estate.

2. Nissan rethinks the compact hatchback

It’s no longer acceptable for a supermini to look dull.The Nissan Sway concept is edgy with lots of swoopy lines and a mean looking grille. Fingers crossed the next Micra will borrow heavily from this design.

Nissan Sway
The Nissan Sway concept

3. A hardcore Renault Clio

We love a fast Renault and this year’s show was an opportunity to show off the Renault Clio R.S. 220 Trophy EDC. The Clio R.S. gets the Trophy treatment like big bruv Mégane including a new EDC automatic gearbox that promises faster shifts, a stiffer suspension, and more power and torque. The gearbox has been a bit of a sticking point for the Clio R.S. so hopefully this irons out some of the issues – though we wouldn’t say no to a manual.

4. One last hurrah for the Bugatti Veyron

After a ten year production run and just 450 examples built, the insanely fast and expensive Veyron is no more (though a successor is in the works). It’s fitting to give it one last outing to the Geneva Motor Show with the “La Finale” edition. It’s going to be emotional.

5. Honda revival and a front wheel drive hyper hatch

Honda brought the 306bhp Civic Type R to the show, and unlike rivals like Golf R and Focus RS, they haven’t opted for all wheel drive. Instead they’ve kept it front wheel drive and worked some magic to get that power to the road without the whole thing being just too hot to handle (well we’ll see). Honda look like they are on the brink of something big in Europe again with recently updated Civic and CRV models, and a new Jazz and superstar NSX on the way. Geneva is also the European debut of the exceedingly handsome HR-V, the brand’s new crossover.

Highly Commended

Honourable mentions for great ideas go to SEAT and the 20V20 SUV (bang on the money), Bentley and the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept, Renault Zoe with more compact battery and more range, super frugality from Peugeot with new diesel engines for the 208 emitting an ultra-low 79g/km CO2, and Audi showing that even a big bruiser like the Q7 can save the planet with an e-tron version shown at Geneva for the first time.

Bugatti Veyron La Finale
The Bugatti Veyron La Finale

Caroline Kidd