We’ve teamed up with Autoservicing.com, Ireland’s leading garage comparison website, to bring you some tips for booking your next car service.

Getting your car serviced regularly is one of the most important things you can do and should never be overlooked. A service could be the difference between a minor issue being repaired or a serious safety issue further down the road. Overall, regular servicing will prolong the life of your engine, improve your fuel economy and keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

Here are five things to consider when booking your next service:

1. The car servicing interval

The most common question asked by car owners in relation to servicing is “How often should I get my car serviced?”. Typically, a car should be booked in for a full service every 12 months or 10,000km. However, this is just a general guide as servicing requirements can vary by car model and driving conditions. It is important to ensure that you are familiar with your car’s servicing interval and always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Time of year 

The extreme weather conditions during the winter season can put additional stress on your car. If your car has any underlying issues, they will be amplified in the winter months, so it is important that drivers pay special attention to preparing their car for the winter season. Give yourself peace of mind and book a service before the onset of winter to ensure that your car is winter ready. Parts that need particular attention include the tyres, brakes, lights and the battery.

3. Book with a trusted garage 

To put your mind at ease, make sure to shop around when looking to book your car for a service and get a few quotes. Ask friends and relatives who they would recommend. You could use a garage comparison website like www.autoservicing.com to get quotes from different garages for the same service.

4. Keep a service history log

You should always keep a record of your car’s service history. Information such as the date of the service, what issues were encountered and how they were addressed, is most important. This servicing log will help you keep track of when specific parts are due a replacement, but can also come in handy should you decide to sell your car. Complete transparency is essential when making the deal and this log will act as reassurance for potential buyers that the vehicle has been looked after and well maintained.

5. Understand your car’s warning signals

And last but by no means least, understand your car’s warning signals. We’ve all had that moment of panic when a light flashes on the dashboard and you have no idea what it means. Whether it is a filter that needs replacing or some more serious, it is important to identify the issue and get it resolved quickly. Keep your manufacturer’s guide at the ready and don’t be afraid to speak to your mechanic if there is anything you are unsure of.