1. It looks cool

Want to stand out and be noticed? Driving a vintage car will get you attention wherever you go. Vintage cars remind people of their youth and ‘better times’ when everything was good. You’ll be the local celebrity.

2. Preserve a classic

Vintage cars need owners who will look after them and preserve them.  It will be satisfying to nurture an old neglected car and restore it to its former glory. You’re like a custodian, with a mission to stop a rare classic car from becoming extinct. Can you handle the responsibility?

3. The vintage car scene

You have a legitimate reason to get involved in a lively vintage car scene and meet other ‘like-minded’ car folk who love their cars as much as you do. If you’re not tinkering around with your car at weekends, you’ll be displaying your metal at classic car shows.

4. The experience

The noise, the smell, the rawness – there’s nothing quite like driving a dinosaur from another era of automotive engineering.

5. No NCT

So if the car is really old (registered before 1st January 1980), there currently is no compulsory NCT. This is under review and every owner and driver is obliged to ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy and in compliance with the law.

6. Reduced road tax

If your car is 30 or more years old you get reduced road tax of €56 regardless of engine size. Yay!

7. You could make shed loads of money

Ok, so you could lose a lot of money on costly repairs and restoration but you could also make A LOT of money if someday you decide to sell and the value of your vintage car has rocketed.

Convinced? Now tell me what vintage cars are on your shopping list.

Caroline Kidd