Here’s my alternative guide to city driving. These are the only tips you will ever need for city driving.

1) Always know where you are going. If you don’t just get out of the way, pull over and get a map. This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated by experienced city motorists.

2) Don’t straddle lanes while trying to decide what direction you need to take or what lane you should be in. Just because you are in both doesn’t mean that you can’t be wrong.

3) Don’t drive slowly. There is a speed limit but no one obeys that.

4) Learn how to use your horn. You will need it and it’s ok to use it in the city. Everyone does.

5) Don’t let anyone out of a junction even if the traffic is backed up. Politeness has no place in the city so get the right attitude.

6) Remember to stop at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

7) They have roundabouts so big around the city that you cannot see the other side of them. But they also have tiny ones that you don’t even know you are on until you get beeped for doing an illegal manoeuvre. Brush up on use of indicators on roundabouts before travelling to the city.

8) Lock your doors. There are scary people in cities that could hijack your car.

9) Check your mirrors when turning left and keep an eye out for cyclists at all times. They are very courageous and streetwise and expect you to be the same.

10) If you are a learner driver don’t even think about driving into the city centre. You will be slaughtered.

Caroline Kidd