Last week I found out what it’s really like to be an SUV driver. I suppose I have a bit of a negative attitude towards SUV drivers and I always expect the worst sort of road behaviour from people who choose to drive soft-roaders.

On Monday I picked up the Ford Kuga to review. It definitely fits into this category well because it is so polished and is thankfully more car-like than agricultural.

It did come fitted with 4WD for some moderate off-roading. I didn’t try it out because the test car was wearing a serious body kit and I wasn’t going to bring it back to Ford missing parts of its armour which inevitably would have happened if we had tried some proper off-roading.

It felt a bit strange at first driving something so high off the ground – and well big – but the Kuga did a really good job of getting me around the place. In short, it’s a car I could live with and that’s probably the highest form of praise I can give a car. A full review will be coming shortly.

I enjoyed being the anti-SUV driver – I didn’t tailgate or bully people in smaller cars. I even let people out of junctions. It was entertaining to see their surprised faces at such generosity from an SUV driver.

But what about me? Did I get bullied? Well despite driving a huge, kick-ass SUV yes I got bullied by, wait for it, an MPV. I know, an MPV.

But then with a surge of power from the 2.0 litre diesel engine and 320Nm of torque I gave it the slip and left it at the bottom of a hill. That was the last I saw of it.

Caroline Kidd