Have you seen me on the Blue Insurance blog? Blue Insurance is the only insurance provider in Ireland offering 2 year car insurance cover. They got in touch with me recently to talk cars and how I got started with Changing Lanes.

“The world of motoring is packed with an endless amount of inflated blogger opinions and obnoxious talking heads. We’ve now become accustomed to the likes of Jeremy Clarkson adorning our screens (now mainly computer screens) to tell us why that new Lamborghini just doesn’t handle all that well or how the modern Porsche 911 doesn’t have the same spirit as its predecessors.

However, back here in the real world, there is an Irish car blogger who is bringing more down to earth car reviews to the online market. Her name is Caroline Kidd and she is the creator of the successful online motoring blog “Changing Lanes“.”

Caroline Kidd