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5 Great Ideas From The Geneva Motor Show 2015

Carmakers score major hits at Geneva Motor Show 2015

The Geneva Motor Show is an interesting mix of new cars that haven’t reached our roads yet, and out of this world concept cars. We’ve chosen five great ideas the carmakers brought to the show this year.  Read more


Five Worst Cars To Drive To A Business Meeting

It’s all a matter of opinion...but there are some cars that may not be so ideal for pulling up at a business meeting in. You have been warned!Read more

Crossover Fatigue: Where Will It All End?

Crossover fatigue: a chronic tiredness and malaise brought on by prolonged exposure to hatchbacks masquerading as off-roaders.

This week we got a first look at Renault’s new C-segment crossover, the oddly named Kadjar.

It was inevitable that Renault would enter this segment. A symbiotic relationship between Nissan and Renault means that the new Kadjar shares a platform with the mother of all crossovers, the Qashqai.

The omens are good for the new Kadjar. The world just cannot get enough of crossovers. Yet when I saw the first pictures of the Kadjar I couldn’t help but feel a slight melancholy.  Take the Renault lozenge off the grille and what’s left is all very Qashqai. Could there not be a little bit more individuality?
Read more

10 Worst Crimes Against Cars Committed by Owners

Uh there are just some things owners do to their cars that make me cringe. It’s not the car’s fault but some people just should not be allowed to own cars! These are the ten worst crimes I think owners can commit against their car. Don't do it!Read more

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Winter Blog #3: The Cars

Survive winter like an arctic fox with the Changing Lanes winter blog series!

Winter Blog #3: The Cars

I’ve picked some cars with 4x4 that will inspire confidence once the weather turns nasty and the roads turn to mush. They are a mix of budget buys, bourgeois estates, full-on four wheel drive brutes and a few for fun. Just remember that four wheel drive cars are more expensive to buy and more thirsty than their front wheel drive counterparts.Read more

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Winter Blog #2: Driving

Survive winter like an arctic fox with the Changing Lanes winter blog series!

Belt up… Winter Blog #2: Driving

Now that we have the car sorted (read my winter car care blog here), it’s time to get out on the road. There are a few things you should bear in mind for safe winter driving in Ireland.Read more

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Winter Blog #1: Car Care

Survive winter like an arctic fox with the Changing Lanes winter blog series!

First up…Winter Blog #1: Car Care

I’ve learnt a few things over the years that keep my car ticking over in the cold weather and I would like to share these with you.Read more

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Does The World Really Need A Range Rover Evoque Convertible?

After some time in limbo, it looks like the Range Rover Evoque Convertible will go into production.

That should make me really happy, right? Since 2010, when Victoria Beckham first pouted petulantly beside the car at its launch, the world’s female population has been salivating at the mouth for a Range Rover Evoque.

It’s been a rip-roaring success; Land Rover struggled to build the Evoque fast enough to meet demand soon after it went on sale. A convertible version by its very open top nature should be even more desirable?

Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham
Fashion icons: Victoria Beckham and the Range Rover Evoque

Well no actually. Read more

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Motoring Wishes for 2015

It’s the 1st January and I’m sitting down to write my first blog of 2015. Christmas 2014 is all but a distant memory; memories of 2014 have been filed away with all the other ones.

I’ve read all the "top cars of 2014" lists from all major motoring publications and blogs that I can find. Heck, I’ve even written my own list for Changing Lanes - so I can’t even be too cynical about them.

But we shall look back no more and now hearts and minds are firmly set on 2015.

If you could be granted ten car or motoring related wishes for 2015 (and I don’t mean that BMW i8 you want delivered next week) what would they be?

Here are mine for what it’s worth.Read more

Caroline Kidd's Favourite Cars of 2014

Caroline's Favourite Cars of 2014

It’s the end of the year so I thought I would pick out my favourite cars of 2014.

I will try to explain why I’ve chosen these in particular. My list is not about budget, practicality or anything sensible like that, though some of these cars would tick those boxes anyway.

More often than not it’s because there is something really interesting about this car that I like - it’s different, innovative or boldly doing something new to make itself stand out from the crowd.

So here are my favourite cars of 2014 in no particular order…

You can also watch my video blog which explains the reasons behind my choices.Read more