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Would you like to boost your business with creative and strategic content?

Writing content for websites, products and services is an essential part of marketing your business and brand. At Copywriting by Changing Lanes, Caroline offers a suite of creative copywriting and editorial services designed to suit the content needs of your business, brand, organisation, or publication. Improve your online presence, make your business stand out and reach more customers with engaging, informative copy that is perfectly optimised for the web!

Caroline has worked as a copywriter for over seven years, supporting businesses across sectors with an efficient, creative and strategic approach to projects that focuses on helping you achieve your business goals. Our copywriting services bring another level of professionalism to how you present your brand and business to the world, helping you stand out in your industry and connect with customers with content that really speaks for who you are, what you do and how you do it.


Our lovely clients include motor dealers, other automotive businesses and media, as well as clients across sectors like hospitality, tourism, wellness, retail, education, construction, technology, business, finance and professional services. Every client is valued, no matter how big or how small. We learn something new from all of you!

From creating new brand messaging, case studies, optimised web copy and unique product descriptions for businesses and organisations, to performing interviews and writing articles for company magazines and independent publishers, Caroline tackles every project with fresh thinking and enthusiasm.


Editorial & Creative Copywriting Services

What can Copywriting by Changing Lanes do for you?

SEO-optimised website copy

Unique product descriptions

Collect client feedback, write case studies

Expert editorial & article writing

Write your brand story

Top quality blog content

New website launch press release

Goal-oriented topic research

Strategic content consultancy

Copywriting by Changing Lanes

Your Brand Story

Do you need help to create a compelling written brand for your business? Not sure how to clearly communicate who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it?

Your brand story is what makes you different. It helps you to stand out in the market. It is uniquely you. It’s the way we combine words to connect with your customers. It guides all your customer communication: from your website, to your social media. It’s how you talk to your customers.

At Copywriting by Changing Lanes, Caroline can help you to identify your written brand and write your brand story once and for all. We will take the time to talk to you to discover who you are and what your business stands for. Then we will put it all together in a simple format that you can use across your website, client communications and even how you talk about your business.

copywriting by Changing Lanes
copywriting by Changing Lanes

Website Copywriting

Outsource website content creation to a professional copywriter with Copywriting by Changing Lanes!

With extensive experience in website copywriting, writing for the web and search engine optimisation, Caroline will help you to communicate the value of your products and services in a way that connects with customers and helps you to achieve your business goals.

We will start with an interview to find out everything we need to know about your business and how best to position you. We can create the content for your Home and About page as well as your service pages and/or product descriptions.

Writing for the web is a special skill. It requires sensitivity to the design of the website and how the user moves through the website, reads content, discovers your business and takes action, for example buying a product or booking an appointment or consultation.

It also requires knowledge of search engine optimisation and the types of words and phrases people use to find a product or service like yours. All content written by Caroline is optimised for the web, to target keywords for your sector. Content is one part of best practice in SEO, along with other factors, such as website design and domain authority. But when website content is written strategically, it goes a long way to setting you and your business up for success.

Adhoc Copywriting Support

Writing content for websites, products and services is an essential part of marketing your business and brand. Wouldn’t it be great to know a reliable copywriter who can respond quickly to a brief and work independently, delivering top quality content on brand and on budget?

For repeat customers, Caroline can provide an hourly rate. We also offer a number of copywriting packages  with competitive half day and full day rates. Avail of our services and take your content to the next level. Whether it’s website updates, a new blog post or a series of articles, Copywriting by Changing Lanes is here to help!

Copywriting for Changing Lanes

Blog Writing

Enhance your business website with a well-maintained blog featuring interesting and engaging articles written by a professional writer.

Publishing regular blogs on your business website can benefit how your website performs in search engine, as well as improve the image and integrity of your business.

Google loves fresh content and updating your website blog with good quality, optimised articles is an ideal way of helping your website rank against competitors and getting more leads for your business through the search engines.

Writing blogs can also help to establish you as a leader in your industry and improve the image of your business and website. Educate and inform your customers about the topics that interest them, while proposing them a solution – your product or service.

Writing good quality blogs and articles takes time and research. At Copywriting by Changing Lanes, Caroline provides clients with a creative, strategic, and efficient solution to blog writing and website content creation, drawing on 8 years’ experience in publishing online content and writing for the web. Boost your business website with my blog writing service and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Packages and competitive rates available.

Article Writing

Do you have a company magazine, newspaper or website that needs professional articles to spread ideas, illuminate topics and engage readers? 

Caroline is a reliable freelance writer who can respond to a brief quickly, interview experts and sources, and produce high quality articles that match the tone of your publication.

Good content never goes out of fashion. Even in this fast-paced world, there is room for articles that dive a little deeper into the topics and issues that matter to your readers.

My editorial services are suitable for clients in media and business. With a background in journalism and over 8 years’ experience as a professional writer, Caroline takes your brief and delivers top quality articles on time to meet your publishing deadline.

Caroline specialises in writing motoring content and car reviews, with her work appearing in a number of well-known titles. With her research and interview skills, she can take on any project, interviewing sources to illuminate a topic and add authority to the article.

Enhance your company magazine, LinkedIn profile or website with article writing from Copywriting by Changing Lanes!

Packages and competitive rates available.

Caroline Kidd

Why hire me?

With over seven years experience as a professional writer, I have learnt a lot about the power of words. My approach to your project draws on my experience across journalism, creative writing, online publishing, brand messaging, storytelling, search engine optimisation and writing for the web. I’ve worked with a variety of different clients and learnt something from every project. This has helped me to improve my services and skill as a writer.

My background: well, in 2014 I set up Changing Lanes as a simple motoring blog where I could share my passion for cars. I built the site from the bottom, learning how to optimise content to increase traffic from search engines and create engaging content that really connects with my readers.

But I don’t just write for work, I write for fun too! In 2020 I published my first children’s book, While You Were Sleeping.

I hold an MA in Journalism from DIT, where I learnt interview skills and the art of news writing, which can be applied to more than just journalism. I’ve since upskilled with a Certificate in Digital Marketing from Carlow IT. I understand the online environment and what it takes for a business to succeed because I have done it all with Changing Lanes.

How it works

Before taking on any new editorial or commercial copywriting project, I like to get to know you first. Every project begins with a consultation. I’ll arrange an initial meeting to learn more about your business and what you hope to achieve from working with me.


After a consultation, I will prepare a quote for your project based on the following factors:

How much copy/content is required

An estimate of the number of words required

How much research is involved

The project deadline

Let’s talk

I’m available for editorial and commercial copywriting projects. I would be delighted to discuss your project! Please get in touch at caroline(at) and I will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a consultation.

Copywriting by Changing Lanes