It’s all a matter of opinion…but there are some cars that may not be so ideal for pulling up at a business meeting in. You have been warned!

SsangYong Rodius

It’s hard to look young, hot and successful exiting a SsangYong Rodius. And if you are running late for your meeting you are going to have awful trouble looking for a space big enough to park it. Then your client may end up mistaking you for a taxi and ask for a lift to the airport.

SsangYong Rodius
SsangYong Rodius: Can you take me to the airport?


If you are in the aesthetics business, good luck trying to explain the reasoning behind your choice of the BMW X6. Let’s hope they pay more attention to your portfolio than your choice of car.

The BMW X6 is not very pretty, is it?
The BMW X6 is not very pretty, is it?

Ford Focus ST

Where can I start? Did you think it was cool? Some might call it aggressive styling, while others will just see a mess of body kit, spoiler, double exhaust, lurid orange paint and ugly black plastic. Basically the Ford Focus ST makes you look like a bit of a yob that does doughnuts at the weekend.

Ford Focus ST: Did you miss your turn for the Nürburgring?
Ford Focus ST: Did you miss your turn for the Nürburgring?

Range Rover

Don’t let them see your Range Rover parked outside. Well too late they have already seen the big, hulking mass of metal. It will be tricky to negotiate that extortionate price you charge now. Your cover has been blown!

Range Rover: It's how I roll!
Range Rover: It’s how I roll!

Renault Twizy

Ok, I know the Renault Twizy is cool but doors and windows do not come as standard and even with them fitted as options, the thing is not even watertight. So that means you will turn up to your meeting blue with the cold and soaked to the skin. Not a good look. And if that isn’t enough to put you off, did I mention range anxiety?

Too harsh? What do you think?

Caroline Kidd