The Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV)
The Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV)

Caroline drives the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV).

Find yourself on an Irish motorway and it won’t be long until you spot a Ford Mondeo. The Ford Mondeo is a firm Irish favourite, but in recent years diesel has been the Mondeo’s drink of choice.

Yet the motor industry is changing and diesel is gradually releasing its stronghold on the Irish market, with sales of petrol cars and petrol electric hybrids showing significant gains in 2018.

Ford Ireland has responded by bringing a Ford Mondeo Hybrid to Ireland for the first time. So while the Mondeo is still available with Ford’s 2.0-litre diesel, you will find a ‘2.0 HEV’ on the price list too.

Available in two trims, Titanium and Vignale, the Mondeo Hybrid (HEV) is sold exclusively in Ireland as a four door saloon. Ford Ireland quotes a ‘transaction price’ of €32,745 for the Titanium Hybrid and €35,280 for the Vignale Hybrid, figures calculated after VRT rebate and dealer/manufacturer discounts.

The Ford Mondeo Vignale on test has quite a regal appearance but it’s the most inconspicuous hybrid ever! It looks just like a regular Mondeo four door, except for a hybrid badge on the back. The Vignale trim adds 18″ alloys, adaptive LED daytime running lights, metallic paint and a special styling kit, including lashings of upmarket chrome.

The interior of the Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV)
The interior of the Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV)

What’s it like inside the Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV)?

Standard equipment includes SYNC 3 with 8” touchscreen, keyless start and entry, rain sensing windscreen wipers, traffic sign recognition, ambient lighting, a special instrument cluster display and parking sensors front and rear. The Vignale model adds heated seats, quilted faux leather and a rear view camera.

In terms of dashboard layout and design, the Mondeo Hybrid is really starting to show its age but the ability to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto does add modernity. The cabin lacks the premium feel of rivals like the Volkswagen Passat GTE or even the futuristic fun of the Toyota Prius. But the build quality was impressive for this model and appears rock solid. The instrument panel is digital with unique information on the hybrid system. You can also view the power flow between the electric motor and the engine from the touchscreen.

On a practical note, the Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV) will still seat five with two reasonably large footwells in the rear. Unfortunately boot space is down to about 380 litres in the hybrid because of the battery on board. There’s also an awkward ‘step’ in the boot and the saloon opening is naturally not the most practical. But we are reliably informed that a set of golf clubs will fit in there!

The boot of the Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV)
The boot of the Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV)

How efficient is the Ford Mondeo Hybrid?

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV) combines a 2.0-litre petrol engine and an electric motor to produce 187hp. Power is put to the road via a CVT automatic gearbox. Emissions of 99g/km mean that motor tax is just €180 per year. Over a week of driving, my fuel consumption averaged at 5.6l/100km, which is good for a large car with a petrol engine, but still a fair bit off the manufacturer’s quoted 4.2l/100km. I did find the car more efficient around town at low speeds as there is less effort required from the petrol engine – the electric motor can do more of the work.

On the road the Ford Mondeo Hybrid is a smooth and quiet drive, offering good comfort and reasonable refinement from the hybrid system. CVT gearboxes respond better to gentle commands and if you put your foot down hard, the Mondeo Hybrid does get noisy. At a gentler pace it’s more refined. 0 to 100kmh is a respectable 9.2 seconds, though the Mondeo Hybrid never feels exceptionally sporty or fast. The Mondeo Hybrid isn’t quite as sharp or agile as a diesel model with more neutral handling.

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid (HEV) is still a solid buy for its big car space, comfort and refinement – though like a lot of hybrids, boot space suffers and the driving experience is a little more muted. There are savings to be made with the Mondeo Hybrid and for a car with a large petrol engine, it does offer good economy figures. Ford Ireland has really made the new Mondeo Hybrid a good value proposition, and this new model will give fleet buyers and lovers of large saloons something to think about because it is well-specced and priced.

The Ford Mondeo Hybrid range offers good value and equipment
The Ford Mondeo Hybrid range offers good value and equipment

Caroline Kidd

Model tested: Ford Mondeo Hybrid Vignale
€35,280 (Hybrid range starts at €32,745)
Engine: 2.0-litre petrol + electric motor
Torque: 173Nm
0-100km/h:  9.2 seconds
Top speed: 187km/h
CO2 emissions:  
Motor tax: 
€180 per year