Fuel retailers in Ireland are calling for a reduction in rates as business drops by 70%
Fuel retailers in Ireland are calling for a reduction in rates as business drops by 70%

COVID-19 Crisis Affecting Irish Fuel Retailers

The Irish Petrol Retailers Association (IPRA) is calling on the Government to extend rate relief to fuel retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic that has changed the way we live and work in Ireland. With many restrictions in place to limit the movement of people, fuel retailers are deemed essential services and are staying open.

However, fuel retailers are reporting 70% drop in business in light of the current public health crisis.

The IPRA, the trade body representing fuel retailers in Ireland, has now written to Ministers John Paul Phelan and Eoghan Murphy. They have asked for forecourts to be included in any Council plan for rate relief.

David Blevings, spokesperson for the IPRA, said:

“Retail sites have been designated an essential service in the recent list of essential service providers published by Government. While our members are happy to serve the emergency services, HGV drivers, defence forces and essential county council workers, their turnover has reduced by c.70%. This is due to the obvious reduction in traffic volumes as people stay at home and consumers’ switch to buying only essential items.”

Supporting Rural Economies

There are around 1,000 retail forecourt locations in the Republic of Ireland and according to the IPRA, 80% are owned and operated by sole traders and family businesses.

“Local forecourts will be the only shop in many Irish villages open for many customers, and while our Members are pleased to remain open, they cannot be expected to pay rates at a time when their income has been drastically reduced.

Without rate relief at this critical time, many of these businesses will not survive and this will lead to closures. Any closures during this crisis will reduce fuel supply availability to front line workers and services and cripple rural Ireland. We have asked the Ministers to swiftly introduce a local authority rates relief package and to ensure the Irish forecourt sector is included in any
plan to protect jobs and family businesses in rural Ireland,” added David.

For more information, visit the Irish Petrol Retailers website.