5 not so great ideas from the Geneva Motor Show 2015

To a certain extent anything goes at a motor show – concept cars are about pushing boundaries and trying out new ideas. But really sometimes it’s more “what were they thinking?”. I’ve picked 5 not so great ideas from this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

1. Ridiculous naming conventions

Mercedes G500 4×4 2. No car should have “squared” in its name! And what is with Lexus and the pick’n’mix letters?

2. Jeep Renegade Showcar

The Jeep Renegade that comes with the matching trailer. Who asked for this?

3. Lexus LF-SA

Oh dear a repeat offender. This is what happens when Lexus design an ultra-compact concept car. It looks like a mini Batmobile -but not in a good way.

Lexus LF-C2
LF-SA or LF-C2?

4. Citroen Berlingo Mountain Vibe

Described as “an upbeat, energetic concept car” by Citroen, this car is meant to make you want to ”head for the hills”. To escape this car maybe? The pink embellishments and graphics make it look more like a new accessory for Adventure Barbie. Very strange indeed.

5. Aston crossovers

It’s described as a “sports crossover” but the off-roader ground clearance of that Aston Martin DBX that gives it the bum in the air look just doesn’t look right to us. Stick to slick GTs please.

Caroline Kidd