New high power IONITY chargers have arrived in Ireland!
New high power IONITY chargers have arrived in Ireland!

Circle K and IONITY have partnered to bring a network of 350 kW high power electric vehicle (EV) chargers to Ireland.

IONITY is a European network of high-power electric vehicle charging hubs present in 24 European countries, including Ireland.

The company operates over 390 charging sites across Europe, with over 1500 high power chargers by the end of 2021. Fees apply with membership available. There are currently six IONITY sites in Ireland, which we have included details of in our article below.

Here’s a guide to using these high power charging hubs to charge your electric car in Ireland.

What is IONITY?

Europe’s leading high-power charging provider. IONITY was founded in 2017 with the aim of providing a network of reliable, high-performance charging stations along Europe’s main transport routes. It is a joint venture by BMW Group, Mercedes Benz AG, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. The company is headquartered in Munich with an additional office in Oslo, Norway, and employs more than 75 people. 100% renewable energy is available everywhere in the network so charging at IONITY means carbon-neutral driving.

How does it work?

You can use if your car is equipped with the leading European standard Combined Charging System (CCS). The charge point is usually found on the front wing of the vehicle or at the front of the car. Remove the adaptor from the charge point and insert into the CCS port on your car. The charger technology automatically optimises its charging speed to the maximum your car’s built-in battery management system can handle so you will always be charging at full speed. For example. the new Audi e-tron can charge at 150 kW so it’s possible to get from 10% to 100% battery power in just 40 minutes.

IONITY is simple and easy to use
IONITY is simple and easy to use

How to pay for IONITY

A kilowatt hour based pricing structure is in place since 2020. In Ireland it costs 0.73 EUR/ kWh pay as you go with no monthly fees and no subscription. There is also a subscription model available for frequent users with a rate of 0.35 EUR/ kWh and a monthly access fee. You can also pay via the app when you register an account.

Many vehicle manufacturers have integrated IONITY into their charging services, with more attractive rates available.Typically, you are offered contactless payment options via RFID cards or smartphone apps.

You can also choose from other Mobility Service Providers (MSP) that integrate the IONITY high-power charging network into their offering. To find out if your MSP provides access to IONITY and on what terms, contact your provider directly.

Where can I charge with IONITY in Ireland?

There are currently six motorway Circle K sites in Ireland with this new high power charging installed: Circle K Cashel, Tipperary, Circle K Athlone on the M6, Circle K City North on the M1, Circle K Gorey on the M11, Circle K Kill South and Kill North on the M7. The cIONITY charging stations typically have 4-6 chargers on average to avoid queuing.

Is there an IONITY app?

Yes you can download a smartphone app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Use the app to search for and find the nearest IONITY charging station. You can also start and stop your charging sessions directly from the app. It also informs you as soon as the battery of your vehicle is 80% or 100% charged. In the app you can see all your charging sessions at IONITY. You can also use the app to store your credit card details to pay for your charging sessions

Can Tesla use IONITY?

Tesla has its own supercharger network throughout Europe but popular models like the new Model 3 can be charged using IONITY chargers. Model S and Model X can be charged if you have a CCS charge port..

New IONITY rapid charging station opens at Circle K Kill South on the N7
New IONITY rapid charging station opens at Circle K Kill South on the N7

Local customer service phone numbers are displayed at all charging stations. For trouble charging using an IONITY charger in Ireland or any other support request, call +35316917020 for assistance.