Summer makes me think about driving a convertible, roof down and cheesy tunes playing from the stereo. Right now, these are my five most wanted convertibles, namely because they are all fast, fun and fabulous!

1. Mazda MX-5

The original hairdresser’s car but that would be a paltry excuse not to buy one and get in on the action from this light, low and fast roadster. There’s a new one due here in August but pick up any of the previous generations on the second-hand market and you still have a fun and very desirable car. The Mazda MX-5 is one of the most affordable ways of getting into a convertible – without going down the route of the Fiat 500C!

Priced from €27,995

Mazda MX-5 convertibles
Mazda MX-5: A great way into open-top motoring!
2. BMW 2 Series Convertible

There’s something about a BMW convertible that says you’ve made it. This one’s compact, gorgeous to look at and has a quality interior.

Priced from €38,110

BMW 2 Series convertibles
BMW 2 Series Convertible: Compact quality
3. Audi TT Roadster

With driving dynamics that finally live up to its looks and a cool, minimalist interior, you would be a fool to write off the TT as just another hairdresser’s car (yes I said it again).

Priced from €49,750

Audi TT Roadster convertibles
Audi TT Roadster: Stylish and cool
4. Jaguar F-Type

The F-Type has classic roadster looks with a long bonnet and short rear end but it’s the engine that’s most interesting – a rather quaint V6 under the bonnet with its own characteristic soundtrack.

Priced from €103,485

Jaguar F-Type convertibles
Jaguar F-Type: Classic roadster looks and a V6 under the bonnet
5. Mercedes-Benz SL

An expensive yet exquisite sample of the roadster, a nameplate steeped in history and the three-pointed star on that big grille – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Priced from €155,750

Mercedes-Benz SL convertibles
Mercedes-Benz SL: Expensive but exquisite

So those are the convertibles on my most wanted list. What would be on your list?

Caroline Kidd