Parking habits of Irish motorists revealed in a new survey, and what annoys us most in the car park!

Research on Irish drivers parking behaviour and preferences indicates that while many consider themselves good at parking, a large proportion still crumble if parallel parking is required.

The findings from a survey carried out by easytrip found that 86% of drivers surveyed considered themselves ‘good’ at parking – yet 45% said they would pass over a parking space if parallel parking was required.

At least the respondents agreed that there was room for improvement with 93% saying that they would like to see parallel parking assessed in the driving test as is done in the UK.

74% of Irish drivers preferred driving forward or reversing into a perpendicular parking space every time over parallel parking.

Of those plucky folk who said that they preferred parallel parking, 50% drive a large hatchback or saloon sized vehicle, so it would appear that it is more about confidence and skill than the size of the vehicle!

Preferred parking locations

When asked about their preferred parking location, almost half of those surveyed said they would prefer to take an on-street parking space with multi-storey car parks following closely behind at 41%. 15% preferred on-street ground level car parks while only 4% choose underground car parks.

Annoying habits

The easytrip survey also uncovered the types of parking habits of other drivers that prove to annoy the most:

  • 70% – Taking up two parking spaces
  • 48% – Parking too close to your car
  • 33% – Double parking
  • 26% – Taking forever to park the car
  • 26% – Parking in a disabled parking space (when not entitled to do so)
  • 7% – Parking in a designated mother and baby space (without children present)