The new Mazda MX-30 electric SUV
The new Mazda MX-30 electric SUV

Mazda has debuted the Japanese brand’s first production electric car at the Tokyo Motor Show. The new Mazda MX-30 is an all-electric SUV and is expected in Ireland in early 2021.

Mazda is following its ‘right sized engine’ strategy into the realm of EVs, claiming that the MX-30’s 35.5 kWh battery is a ‘right-sized battery’. Mazda indicate that the range will be approximately 200km, “exceeding the 48km average daily drive of the European customer”.

“The Mazda MX-30 marks another positive step in Mazda’s multi-solution approach to reducing emissions following the recent arrival of the innovative Skyactiv-X engine.”

Yasuhiro Aoyama President & CEO of Mazda Motor Europe said:

“As with all our products, our designers and engineers had a very clear goal for our first battery-electric vehicle. It had to have stand out design, be great to drive, something that is key part of Mazda’s DNA and makes us unique when compared with competitors, and most importantly, make a positive contribution to reducing emission across the entire life cycle of the product.

Alongside the electrification technologies we are introducing across our range, being a smaller manufacturer we focused all our efforts on creating an electric car that we anticipate will be a second car where the range of our vehicle will meet customers’ needs.

Many of the media who have driven our test vehicle have said it is one of the few electric cars they have driven with the positive characteristics of a regular car.  Delivering driving pleasure is at the heart of every Mazda we design and that will be no different in our electric car.”

The interior of the new MX-30
The interior of the new MX-30

Eco-materials and freestyle doors

Innovative engineering approaches have been employed in the new MX-30 to ensure a natural and responsive driving feel in the e-Skyactiv package.  This includes the battery being rigidly integrated into the vehicle body structure which enhances the overall body stiffness and improves response to the driver’s input.

Mazda engineers have also created an electronic sound system inside the Mazda MX-30, which is synchronized to motor torque in sound frequency and sound pressure.  This leads to less variation in vehicle speed resulting in very stable driving, further supported by Mazda’s G-Vectoring Control (GVC), which has been expanded and uses the advantages of the electric motor (electric G-Vectoring Control Plus).

The new Mazda MX-30 features KODO design and distinct ‘freestyle doors”. The interior also uses eco-friendly materials. Real leather will be replaced with a vegan alternative. There is also environmentally sourced cork featured in the floating centre console.

Distinct 'freestyle doors' feature
Distinct ‘freestyle doors’ feature

What we know so far about the MX-30 specification:

Body typeSUV
Seating capacity5 persons
Overall length × overall width × overall height4,395mm × 1,795mm × 1,570mm
Front suspensionMacPherson strut
Rear suspensionTorsion-beam
SteeringRack and pinion
Brakes (front/rear/control)Ventilated discs/Solid discs
/Regenerative cooperating brakes
Tire size215/55R18
Drive batteryTypeLithium-ion battery
Total voltage355V
Total electric power (battery capacity)35.5kWh
MotorTypeAC synchronous motor
Cooling systemWater-cooled
ChargingDC chargingCOMBO spec
AC chargingMaximum input 6.6kW