Jim Millett is a Changing Lanes reader from the UK. Jim owns a 2016 Honda Civic Type R. In this Me and My Car Feature, Jim tells us all about his Type R and why he chose this car.

1. Tell me about your car (Make/model/engine/year of registration). 

It’s a Honda Civic Type R FK2 with a four cylinder 2.0 VTEC Turbo with 306bhp and 295lbft of torque. The car was registered in September 2016.

2. How long have you owned this car?

I purchased it new.

3. Why did you choose this car?

I needed a practical, sensible and reliable four seat hatchback. A Honda seemed to fit the brief. Also, the fact that it can do nearly 170mph and costs around £30k also helped. The styling is Marmite but I personally loved it and it certainly stands out. One test drive sealed the deal.

4. What do you like about this car?

The superb manual gearbox and seats are stand-out features. I love the slightly old school power delivery with a touch of lag, but when it hooks up, the power delivery is addictive. The handling and grip are incredible considering it has to deploy over 300bhp through the front wheels. I do love the styling…controversial I know!

Honda Civic Type R
Jim is impressed with his Honda Civic Type R’s power delivery and superb manual gearbox
5. Is there anything you would change about your car?

Only one thing I would change…just wish it sounded a bit more aggressive considering it has four large exhaust pipes. However, I prefer this to the current trend of artificial piped-in engine sound and contrived pops and bangs. The Type R has a certain honesty and authenticity about it. Some people have stated it is too harsh in R mode for British roads…absolute rubbish. Nowhere near as hard as my old Clio RS200 with Cup pack!

6. What’s in your glovebox?

Only three things in the glovebox…locking wheel nut key, handbook and one CD (Ten by Pearl Jam…showing my age).

7. Favourite memory of the car? 

My favourite memory of the car is driving the infamous EVO Triangle in Wales. Totally dry, empty roads…worth the journey just to drive this bit of road. Type R was in its element.

8. Who would your ideal passenger be?
Chris Harris so he can give me some driver tuition and then show me what the car can actually do.
Honda Civic Type R
Jim has happy memories of driving his Honda Civic Type R on the EVO Triangle but he would like a few driving tips from Chris Harris!
9. Three words to describe your car.

Fast, Raw….Unique

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