The new Nissan Leaf
The new Nissan Leaf is selling well in Ireland

Nissan Ireland is reporting that 306 new Nissan Leafs were registered during the month of July, which historically has been close to the total number of electric vehicles sold in Ireland in a full year.

The July sales result brings the total number of Nissan Leafs on Irish roads to date to over 2,700 units.

The new Nissan Leaf 40kWh electric vehicle arrived in Ireland earlier in 2018. According to Nissan Ireland, demand for the new Leaf is being driven by the fact that the car’s range on a single charge has increased by 50% to 378 kilometres (NEDC) – about 250km in real world terms – and “by a growing awareness amongst Irish householders that switching to a new Nissan Leaf can help them to save significantly on the cost of running their car”.

“This result for July is a real benchmark and provides huge encouragement for the future of Electric Vehicles in Ireland,” said James McCarthy, CEO, Nissan Ireland. “We have been advocates for electric driving over the last 8 years and it’s fantastic to see people starting to make the switch in numbers now”.

“Consumers are conscientiously weighing up whether the car can save them money. Our Leaf customers have shown us that they are at least €1,350 a year better off for driving the 100% electric Nissan Leaf,” said Mr. McCarthy, “and no other drivetrain – petrol, diesel or hybrid, can come close to delivering that level of running cost savings”.