Opel is taking hygiene measures to secure the safety of staff and customers once showrooms reopen
Opel is taking hygiene measures to secure the safety of staff and customers once showrooms reopen

Opel Ireland and the brand’s dealer network in Ireland have signed a contract with Sanity Systems as Opel prepares to open showrooms once Coronavirus restrictions are lifted. This move will ensure the highest levels of safety and hygiene practice in dealerships to protect customers and staff from contamination risk.

Vehicle interiors, upholstery and child seats attract and absorb odours, bacteria, particles and allergens, even in normal conditions. Sanity Systems employs portable devices to deep clean surfaces using ozone gas, scientifically killing 99% of bacteria and viruses present in vehicles and in the air-conditioning system. This proven technique significantly reduces the spread of disease and helps protect public health.

Sanity Systems Ireland provides a highly acclaimed sanitising solution for building premises and vehicles. Their services are now used by the HSE, other state agencies and local authorities. The brands says all new and used vehicles in the Opel Dealer Network will be deep cleaned using Sanity Systems technology, before test drives or handover to owners. There will be no cost to the customer.

Sanity Systems ensures a deep cleanse all surfaces, including difficult to reach places, in a short time frame. The solution operates in an environmentally friendly way, requires no chemicals and doesn’t damage materials.

James Brooks, Managing Director at Leeson Motors, Opel Importer in Ireland, said:

“Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and we recognised very quickly, during our business continuity planning, that in order to be best prepared to reopen our Network post lock-down , we needed to put in place extra controls to protect our customers and employees in this time of uncertainty. The Opel Dealer Network has been charged with putting in place stringent measures to ensure social distancing and hygiene protocols are adhered to in their premises, post lock-down, and engaging Sanity System’s expertise and knowledge has indeed brought us further comfort.”

He continued: “The Opel Dealer Network of Ireland is currently preparing to re-open to those customers, post lock-down, who need us for their parts or servicing requirements, and these customers will be offered a deep clean of their vehicle, following any repair work. Essentially, our preventative measures will instil a little more confidence when they visit their local Opel Dealer to enjoy a test drive in the future.”

Once showrooms reopen, buyers will be keen to check out the new Opel Corsa-e, Opel’s new compact electric vehicle.