Move over Claudia, there’s a new top model in town. She’s blonde with radiant blue eyes and no stranger to the world of fashion, with a Vogue cover already under her belt.

It was only last week, that Opel brand ambassador Claudia Schiffer helped to launch the new Opel Corsa at the Paris Motor Show.

But just a week later and competition has surfaced with the bonnet of the Corsa this time being adorned by a feline called Choupette.

Choupette is fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat. She’s a Birman pedigree puss and has over 42,000 followers on Twitter, describing herself in her bio as “Karl Lagerfeld’s spoiled pussy”.

Karl, who photographed Choupette and the Corsa for Opel’s 2015 calender, said, “Choupette did a great job – just as I would expect from a star. She was relaxed no matter whether she was behind the wheel or on the roof of the Opel. She was by no means tense. However, she did sleep for twelve hours after we had finished.”

Choupette declined to comment.

The new Corsa arrives in Ireland in November and is available from €14,895.

Caroline Kidd