After some time in limbo, it looks like the Range Rover Evoque Convertible will go into production.

That should make me really happy, right? Since 2010, when Victoria Beckham first pouted petulantly beside the car at its launch, the world’s female population has been salivating at the mouth for a Range Rover Evoque.

It’s been a rip-roaring success; Land Rover struggled to build the Evoque fast enough to meet demand soon after it went on sale. A convertible version by its very open top nature should be even more desirable?

Well no actually. While I admire Land Rover for designing and building a car that could throw off some of that agricultural brand image and attract a new, younger and more urban buyer, the Evoque was never really my cup of tea.

Basically, for the same money or less I can’t help thinking that I could choose from what I would consider tastier machines like a BMW 2 Series, Audi TT, a Golf GTi or maybe even two Ford Fiesta STs!

Then there is the look of the thing. In 2012, when the convertible concept was first shown at Geneva, it was deemed “the world’s first premium SUV convertible”, and was a bold statement of Land Rover’s expertise at identifying and leading new market segments.

An SUV works because it is big, imposing and a bit butch. For all its sleek, shiny looks the Evoque SUV is still a mean looking machine. And when you take the roof off it is kind of the same. Aren’t convertibles supposed to be pretty?

Finally, does the world actually need a convertible SUV? Well the term “need” probably doesn’t really come in to it. Because if cars were only built for a basic need for personal mobility, the world would be a very boring place. Everyone would just drive a Volkswagen Golf or some other non-descript Euro-box.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Range Rover Evoque Convertibles will sell like Gucci bags in Brown Thomas on the day after Christmas.

And I just might be warming a little to the idea of a convertible Evoque. It’s a funny old world.

Caroline Kidd