I never fully understood why people bought supercars. Spending a couple of €100,000 on a car that could sprint to 100km/h in less than 5 seconds never made much sense to me.

Sure you can get there quickly – but what happens next? All incredibly excessive in my opinion so I’ve always felt a little detached from the world of exotic motors.

And then this week I drove the Audi R8. Hallelujah! Now I think I understand why people buy supercars…but why the turnaround?

Was it because the R8 is Audi’s most avant-garde design – wide, low and raring to go?

Was it the sneaky tease of the V10 through the rear window?

Was it the way the R8 could draw attention from other road-users like no other?

Was it the noise, the glorious noise of the V10 that actually scared me a bit the first time I fully gave the accelerator some welly?

Was it because the R8 was as easy to drive as an A1 and had the boring stuff like visibility sorted?

Was it the phenomenal grip, the fact that even a supercar novice like me could put the 610bhp to the road with minimal fuss?

Yes all those things are great.

But the reason why people buy supercars is the reason why I felt so detached from them in the first place. It took a drive in the R8 to work it out. I was right all along…they are excessive. And that’s why you feel so good behind the wheel. It’s completely selfish to own and drive a supercar. There’s more noise and power than anyone could ever need. The acceleration is so fast, it’s like being trapped in a video game except it’s real and that’s you driving! I think my brain is only processing the speed today, my head got left behind somewhere on the N11 yesterday when the R8 took off among the MPVs and articulated trucks.

You’re a superhuman in a supercar. Pure magic.

Caroline Kidd