Read Caroline’s Peugeot 5008 review for everything you need to know about buying Peugeot’s seven seat SUV in Ireland in 2022.

Peugeot’s 5008 large family SUV has been updated with a fresh new look and a streamlined range that now includes three trim levels. The 5008 is exclusively powered by petrol and diesel engines, with manual and automatic gearboxes available.

Priced from €41,335, the Peugeot 5008 offers seating for seven as standard across three rows of seats with a hugely practical modular cabin.

The Peugeot 5008 has driven significant growth for the Peugeot brand in Ireland. Peugeot is now in the top 10 of bestselling brands in Ireland. Their new SUV range account for the brand’s top three bestselling cars here – the 3008, 2008 and the 5008.

The new Peugeot 5008 on test for Changing Lanes!
The new Peugeot 5008 on test for Changing Lanes!

What’s new for the Peugeot 5008?

Peugeot was quick to turn around their product line-up in response to the growing market for SUVs. The new generation 3008 and 5008 launched in Ireland back in 2017. When they debuted it was clear that both cars had evolved from MPV to SUV.

Backed up by Peugeot style and hugely practical interiors, these new Peugeot SUVs have heralded great success for Peugeot Ireland.

But it’s time for a revamp. The Peugeot 3008 has already had a makeover. And now it’s the turn of the larger 5008.

There is a strong design theme between these two. The Peugeot 5008 however is a genuine seven seater and the larger of the duo. But from the front end they are very similar.

The 5008 was a good-looking car but the facelift makes it even better. At the front there is a new frameless grille, redesigned headlights and new plunging fang-like daytime running lights. Gloss black side scoops and a painted tread plate are integrated into the new bumper design. The 5008 now looks more modern and a touch more aggressive than before.

At the rear there are new full LED lights and sequential indicators for extra star power. The light clusters are covered with a clear, smoked glass.

The Peugeot 5008 comes with seven seats as standard
The Peugeot 5008 comes with seven seats as standard

Inside the Peugeot 5008

When the 3008 and 5008 launched back in 2017, the interior design and layout marked a new departure for the French brand. Peugeot has been talking about moving their brand upmarket for some years now; their SUV range clearly demonstrates that with the spectacular i-Cockpit arrangement.

The interior of the 5008 has aged very well in the interim. It still impresses with a full digital instrument cluster, wraparound cabin effect, and those elegant piano style buttons for the infotainment.

For 2022, there’s a new 10-inch high definition touchscreen as standard on all but the entry model into the range.

Cabin quality is very good with a nice refined feel to the interior of the Peugeot 5008. There is lots of elegant soft touch panelling, while the seats have good quality fabric too.

On the centre console, all internal combustion engines equipped with automatic gearboxes are now fitted as standard with the driving mode selector that allows the driver to choose between Normal, Sport and Eco.

The interior of the new Peugeot 5008
The interior of the new Peugeot 5008

Is it practical?

Storage around the car is very generous, a must for a family car, with plenty of cubbies and cupholders!

But the 5008 really stands out for its modular interior that allows for high levels of flexibility when it comes to seating. In this way, the 5008 really taps into its MPV roots and Peugeot’s expertise in this area.

There are three individual seats in row 2 all with ISOFIX child seat fixtures, which is the 5008’s party piece. The seats can move forward and back individually of each other to make more space for those in row 3. They can fold and incline as wished also. There’s loads of legroom too and picnic tables integrated into the back of the front seats on Allure models and above. There’s even blinds integrated into the rear windows. The GT model has two new USB sockets for devices in row 2.

There are two individual seats in row 3, which can be folded neatly into the floor when not in use or even removed completely. Space is limited back here but children will be fine using these extra seats.

There’s also the possibility to tip the front passenger seat forward for loading long objects up to 3.20 m.

In seven seat mode, boot space is limited to about 167 litres. But in five seat mode, everyone’s a winner with 702 litres available.

Rear seating in the Peugeot 5008
Rear seating in the Peugeot 5008

What are my options?

The 5008 range is powered by combustion engines for now with Peugeot’s familiar 1.2-litre petrol engine available with 130 hp, and a manual or automatic gearbox. There’s no hybrid available like the 3008.

There’s also a 1.5-litre diesel with 130 hp and a manual or automatic gearbox. The top of the range 2.0-litre diesel with 180 hp and an automatic gearbox is reserved for the GT model.

In Ireland the 5008 is available in Active, Allure and GT trim levels. Standard equipment (from €41,335) includes automatic lights and wipers, lane keeping assistance, traffic sign recognition, reversing camera, dual zone climate control, 8″ touchscreen, cruise control and 17″ alloys.

The Allure model (from €43,425) has more equipment including 18″ alloys, high beam assist, blind spot monitoring, ambient lighting, keyless entry and push button start, 10″ touchscreen, driver’s lumbar support, half leather seat trim and alloy roof rails.

GT models (from €47,035) add adaptive cruise control, advanced grip control, and numerous premium trim updates inside and out.

There are petrol and diesel engines available for the 5008
There are petrol and diesel engines available for the 5008

Did you like the Peugeot 5008?

The Peugeot 5008 sits a bit higher off the ground than your average hatchback, but behind the wheel it’s very car-like and easy to manoeuvre.

The steering is light for around town and parking, while out of town it holds the road very well too. The 5008 is a comfortable family car and while to call it nifty might be a stretch too far, it’s surprisingly nice to drive.

The 1.5-litre diesel provides enough torque to keep the 5008 moving well, though it is noisy under hard acceleration. It makes a good return too on economy for a large vehicle like this. Over a week of driving my average fuel consumption was 5.8 litres per 100 km.

This is a superb family car that stands out for its versatility and practical features. In many ways it’s still an MPV – just styled as a cooler SUV. The cabin has really been maximised to make life easier for families, though some seven seaters are roomier in the third row.

The 5008 gets a suitable update in line with Peugeot’s family face, with a streamlined range powered by petrol or diesel engines. While some rivals are introducing hybrid, it’s not the best option for everyone and can get expensive. So for now the 5008 will be a fuel only option in the seven seat SUV space.

Peugeot’s i-Cockpit offers a stylish and high class cabin experience for the segment. All in all, the 5008 has matured well and this latest round of updates enhance its presence in Peugeot’s latest range of cars.

Model tested: Peugeot 5008 Allure 1.5 BlueHDI
Engine: 1.5-litre turbo diesel
130 hp
Torque:  300 Nm
11.1 seconds
Top speed:  191 km/h
CO2 emissions:  
135 g/km
Motor tax: 
€210 per year


Written by Caroline Kidd

Founder and Editor of Changing Lanes