The SEAT Mii by Mango
The SEAT Mii by Mango

Caroline reviews the 2015 SEAT Mii by Mango!

It’s quite fashionable these days for a car manufacturer to collaborate with a designer or fashion label on a special edition car. They tend to be either supercars for the rich and famous or small cars aimed at women.

Now SEAT, the Spanish manufacturer owned by the VW Group, has teamed up with Spanish fashion retailer Mango to produce a special edition of the SEAT Mii city car. A match made in heaven you would think.

And it is. The makeover turns the little Mii into a car that you might desire beyond its attractive pricing. You won’t just go out to buy the Mii because it’s a good, cheap small car. No now you might actually buy it because you desire it for its Glam Beige body paint, grey alloy wheels and Mii by Mango badges.

Interior of the new SEAT Mii by Mango

Inside predictably it’s a bit like sitting into a handbag with an interesting mix of surfaces and a classy palette of grey, black and beige. The material quality looks very good but a special mention needs to go to the exclusive Mii by Mango branded Alcantara trimmed seats. They look so classy and even a bit luxurious. And I haven’t even told you the price yet.


There’s air con and front electric windows for convenience, but you will probably want to upgrade to add the SEAT Touch system, which adds Bluetooth, infotainment and navigation, all controlled from a dash mounted touchscreen.

The cabin space is good considering how small the car is on the outside and at 251 litres, the boot is one of the biggest in the class.

The Seat Mii is built on the same platform as the Volkswagen up! and Skoda Citigo. I’ve reviewed the Volkswagen up! previously on this blog and it’s safe to say it’s a good car that goes above and beyond the demands of city life so the omens were always good for the Mii. The Mii shares the same 1.0-litre 75bhp petrol engine as its sister cars so that means on the road, it’s fun, it’s lively, and economical, returning up to 60mpg.

Inside the new SEAT Mii by Mango
Inside the new SEAT Mii by Mango

The Mii is a really good size and shape for parking and driving around town, and if you must take it out on the motorway, you’ll find it very stable, and comfortable by small car standards. If you’re belting along the motorway you will still know you’re driving a small car so you will have to put up with a bit of road noise.

The Mango makeover is purely cosmetic, and there’s nothing new or different under the skin of the Mii by Mango. So while the Mii range starts at just over €10,000 for a 3 door in entry level S trim (exceedingly good value), the Mii by Mango is at the top of the range and the most expensive with a list price of €13,595. Of course this is not going to break the bank but really the Mii by Mango is the small car you buy because you love the way it looks!

Caroline Kidd

Fun, stylish city car!
Fun, stylish city car!

Model tested: SEAT Mii by Mango 5-door
€13,595 (Mii range starts at €10,145)
1.0-litre, three cylinder petrol
13.2 seconds
CO2 emissions:  
Tax band: 
A3 (€190 per year)