ŠKODA Ireland is encouraging customers to engage with ŠKODA Connect by offering free SIM cards
ŠKODA Ireland is encouraging customers to engage with ŠKODA Connect by offering free SIM cards

ŠKODA Ireland has announced that customers will be provided with complementary SIM cards to enable them to access ŠKODA Connect. This service allows drivers to be always online and enjoy greater freedom and safety through a range of assistance systems.

All new customers since August 1st will be provided with a Vodafone data only SIM card, with 1 GB of data that is valid for up to 28 days. This will allow ŠKODA customers to experiment with all the benefits and conveniences of ŠKODA Connect for free and without obligation.

Customers that purchased a new car since March 2017 can also qualify for a free SIM card by contacting their local ŠKODA dealer during the ŠKODA Open Week that runs until November 10th.

ŠKODA Connect services are broken into two categories: Care Connect and Infotainment Online. Care Connect lets you access your car remotely via a smartphone application and can provide remote access data such as your current or last parking location, a honk and flash feature, along with speed and area alert notifications based on the location of your vehicle.

The technical condition of your car is also visible and includes the vehicle locking status, the fuel level status and additional driving data. Care Connect also includes an Emergency Call feature to alert emergency services if and when required, an automatic accident notification if airbags are deployed, and a breakdown assist button for roadside assistance if necessary.

Infotainment Online ensures that your navigation system is always up to date by allowing you to reach your destination safely, on time, and efficiently. Such features include information on local fuel prices, available parking spaces, weather forecast and online points of interest.

Using the vehicle’s built in SIM card slot that comes as standard with the Columbus infotainment system, the complementary SIM card can simply be installed to provide an instant data connection for ŠKODA Connect services. This SIM card can also enable a WIFI hotspot in the car, giving passengers the option to use this connection also. All ŠKODA vehicles with the Columbus infotainment system will also include a Vodafone SIM card as standard.

Cathal Kealey PR manager with ŠKODA Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be providing customers with free-of-charge SIM cards for more convenient access to ŠKODA Connect. This will enable and encourage our customers to use these features effortlessly without having to worry about purchasing SIM cards or setting up WIFI hotspots to pair with the car. Customers can renew their subscription with Vodafone by accessing a specially developed portal; alternatively they can choose to discontinue their data plan without obligation.”