Subaru encourages more online sales with new website
Subaru encourages more online sales with new website

Subaru Ireland has launched a new website that allows customers to complete the entire sales process online without the need to visit a dealership.

The website allows customers to configure their new vehicle, organise a part exchange or trade-in valuation, apply for finance and organise collection or delivery of their new Subaru, all from the comfort of their own home. In development for two years, the new website integrates finance applications and trade-in valuations to ensure a seamless customer journey from start to finish. This sales process is estimated to take just thirty minutes to complete.

Pat Ryan, Managing Director of Subaru Ireland, said:

“Our new Subaru website revolutionises the online sales process. Just five years ago, customers visited a dealership on average three times before completing a purchase, this is now down to a single visit. Customers are increasingly researching their next vehicle online, but the sales journey can become fragmented and distorted by finance applications and trade-in negotiations that take place offline. At present, over 75% of new vehicle sales in Ireland are associated with a trade-in vehicle. We are delighted to be the first brand in Ireland to integrate online trade-in valuations with the sales and finance application to determine the true cost of change for the customer without the need for them to leave their home. The new Subaru digital sales journey brings together all stages of the buying journey under one trusted umbrella and is no doubt the future of online and contactless purchases in the motor industry.

To celebrate the launch of the new website, customers can avail of an online discount voucher of €2,000 or a reduced PCP/HP finance APR rate of just 2.9% when they complete the sales process online. Subaru customers can still contact their local dealer for assistance and sales support, but the brand has confirmed that they expect 80% of future sales to come from this digital platform in 2021.

The new website can be found at