how to learn to drive in ireland

The Ultimate Learner Driver Resource Guide

If you want to learn how to drive but are not sure where to start, I’ve put together a list of resources to help get you started - from applying for your Driver Theory Test, to getting your first driver’s licence.

There are loads of resources for new drivers to help you along the way. It’s time to totally immerse yourself in learning to drive…

Citizens Information (

Have you got a question about learning to drive that you need answered quickly? You’ll probably find it here. This site is good for general information on the rules and regulations around licences and learning to drive in Ireland.

Road Safety Authority (

There’s a whole section dedicated to learner drivers with information about the driver theory test, learner permits and the driving test, and access to a series of videos that cover every aspect of learning to drive and passing your test. You can also browse a list of Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs), who you can complete your Essential Driver Training (EDT) with.

Driver Theory Test (

Information on how to book your Driver Theory Test and how to prepare for it.

Official Driver Theory Test Book/CD-ROM

Training materials that will help you to prepare for your Driver Theory Test. Contain sample questions from the theory test with answers given also. Test your knowledge before taking the test for real.

Go.Drive (

Go.Drive is an online training facility for the Driver Theory Test. You sign up and for a monthly subscription of €1.99 you have access to sample questions covering all aspects of driver theory. No books, no CD-ROMS – it’s all there when you log in. You can also purchase Official Driver Theory practice tests within the application to test yourself in a more ‘real-life’ scenario.

National Driver Licence Service (

Find out how to apply for your learner’s permit or driving licence, including details of what forms and supporting documentation you will need to apply. You can use the website to find out where your nearest NDLS centre is, and there is also a facility to book an appointment online to process your application at a centre.

Rules Of The Road (

These rules are the backbone of road safety in Ireland and are a must-have resource for any new driver. You must have good knowledge of these rules to get a driving licence. The Rules Of The Road are updated to reflect any changes in road traffic law so they are a valuable resource even once you’ve passed your test. You can buy a copy in paperback form from bookshops or download a copy for free from the link above.

Caroline Kidd