The Volkswagen Golf 1.5-litre TSI

What Were The 10 Bestselling Cars In Ireland In 2019?

As we enter the new 201 registration plate, let's first recap on 2019! What were the bestselling cars in Ireland in 2019?

According to figures from SIMI, new car registrations in Ireland in 2019 reached 117,100.

Diesel remains the most popular engine type, while hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid gained market share in 2019. Diesel accounted for 47%, petrol for 41%, hybrid for 9%, electric for 3%, and plug-in hybrid for 1%.

Manual transmissions (67%) continue to dominate with automatic transmissions (33%) gaining in popularity. Automatic transmissions saw a 22% increase in 2019, while manuals declined by 17%.

The hatchback is Ireland’s top selling car body type of 2019. Grey remains the top selling colour and has continued to keep that title for the past four years.

But as promised here are the top 10 bestselling cars of 2019! Is your car on the list?

10. Toyota C-HR

2,509 units

The first of three Toyotas boasting top sales in Ireland in 2019, the Toyota C-HR has been a hot seller since it first arrived here in 2017. The C-HR was a turning point for Toyota, boasting a stylish design, well-appointed interior and fun to drive behind the wheel. At launch it was available as a petrol or petrol electric hybrid. A facelifted Toyota C-HR has arrived in dealers and will be available exclusively as a hybrid. With that, C-HR looks set to have a great year in 2020 also.

9. Toyota Yaris

2,554 units

Another bestseller for Toyota. The straightforward supermini has been a success in Ireland since launch in 1998 and celebrated 20 years with a special edition. A new model will arrive in 2020, likely to boost Yaris fortunes even more with a new hybrid.

8. Ford Focus

2,766 units

The new Ford Focus
The new Ford Focus

The Focus has slipped down the sales chart in 2019 but remains one of the bestselling family hatchbacks in Ireland. The Focus is available with excellent petrol and diesel engines and a super hot ST version. A crossover inspired Active version joined the range in 2019.

7. Volkswagen Golf

2,823 units

The Volkswagen Golf 1.5-litre TSI
The Volkswagen Golf 1.5-litre TSI R-line

Consistently one of the bestselling cars in Ireland, the Golf has also slipped down the sales chart in 2019 but should receive a boost in 2020 with the launch of the all-new eighth generation Golf in March.

6. Hyundai Kona

2,939 units

The Kona has been a huge success story in Ireland since its launch here in 2018. It has sailed up the sales chart and secured sixth place in 2019. Sales were boosted by the arrival of the new Hyundai Kona Electric in 2019. A Kona Hybrid has joined the range for 2020.

5. Skoda Octavia

3,199 units

The Skoda Octavia petrol hatchback
The Skoda Octavia

The Octavia is one of Ireland's favourite cars, every year! The no nonsense family car will be replaced by an all-new Octavia in 2020 with a more salubrious interior, new technology and powertrains.

4. Volkswagen Tiguan

3,201 units

The Tiguan has gone from strength to strength since its Irish launch in 2016. It moves up into fourth place in 2019. The SUV offers typical Volkswagen quality in the form of a highly desirable mid-size SUV.

3. Nissan Qashqai

3,748 units

The Qashqai has been a stellar success and consistently one of the bestselling cars in Ireland since launch. A revamped model arrived in Ireland towards the end of 2017. Petrol and diesel engines available.

2. Hyundai Tucson

3,828 units

Hyundai Tucson
The Hyundai Tucson

Another former number one bestseller in Ireland. The Tucson has tousled with the Qashqai since launch and remains a very popular choice of family SUV in Ireland.

1. Toyota Corolla 

4,406 units

The new Toyota Corolla Hatchback Hybrid
The new Toyota Corolla Hatchback Hybrid

The Corolla has had an incredible year. An all-new Corolla Hatchback, Saloon and Touring Sports arrived in Ireland in the first half of the year and the Corolla quickly became Ireland's bestselling car. It's stayed there all year and offers an attractive hybrid option in the mid-size segment.