New high power IONITY chargers have arrived in Ireland!

How To Use IONITY In Ireland

New high power IONITY chargers have arrived in Ireland!
New high power IONITY chargers have arrived in Ireland!

Circle K and IONITY have partnered to bring a network of 350 kW high power electric vehicle (EV) chargers to Ireland.

IONITY is a European network of high-power electric vehicle charging hubs present in 24 European countries, including Ireland.

The company operates over 390 charging sites across Europe, with over 1500 high power chargers by the end of 2021. Fees apply with membership available. There are currently six IONITY sites in Ireland, which we have included details of in our article below.

Here's a guide to using these high power charging hubs to charge your electric car in Ireland.

What is IONITY?

Europe’s leading high-power charging provider. IONITY was founded in 2017 with the aim of providing a network of reliable, high-performance charging stations along Europe's main transport routes. It is a joint venture by BMW Group, Mercedes Benz AG, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. The company is headquartered in Munich with an additional office in Oslo, Norway, and employs more than 75 people. 100% renewable energy is available everywhere in the network so charging at IONITY means carbon-neutral driving.

How does it work?

You can use if your car is equipped with the leading European standard Combined Charging System (CCS). The charge point is usually found on the front wing of the vehicle or at the front of the car. Remove the adaptor from the charge point and insert into the CCS port on your car. The charger technology automatically optimises its charging speed to the maximum your car’s built-in battery management system can handle so you will always be charging at full speed. For example. the new Audi e-tron can charge at 150 kW so it's possible to get from 10% to 100% battery power in just 40 minutes.

IONITY is simple and easy to use
IONITY is simple and easy to use

How to pay for IONITY

A kilowatt hour based pricing structure is in place since 2020. In Ireland it costs 0.73 EUR/ kWh pay as you go with no monthly fees and no subscription. There is also a subscription model available for frequent users with a rate of 0.35 EUR/ kWh and a monthly access fee. You can also pay via the app when you register an account.

Many vehicle manufacturers have integrated IONITY into their charging services, with more attractive rates available.Typically, you are offered contactless payment options via RFID cards or smartphone apps.

You can also choose from other Mobility Service Providers (MSP) that integrate the IONITY high-power charging network into their offering. To find out if your MSP provides access to IONITY and on what terms, contact your provider directly.

Where can I charge with IONITY in Ireland?

There are currently six motorway Circle K sites in Ireland with this new high power charging installed: Circle K Cashel, Tipperary, Circle K Athlone on the M6, Circle K City North on the M1, Circle K Gorey on the M11, Circle K Kill South and Kill North on the M7. The cIONITY charging stations typically have 4-6 chargers on average to avoid queuing.

Is there an IONITY app?

Yes you can download a smartphone app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Use the app to search for and find the nearest IONITY charging station. You can also start and stop your charging sessions directly from the app. It also informs you as soon as the battery of your vehicle is 80% or 100% charged. In the app you can see all your charging sessions at IONITY. You can also use the app to store your credit card details to pay for your charging sessions

Can Tesla use IONITY?

Tesla has its own supercharger network throughout Europe but popular models like the new Model 3 can be charged using IONITY chargers. Model S and Model X can be charged if you have a CCS charge port..

New IONITY rapid charging station opens at Circle K Kill South on the N7
New IONITY rapid charging station opens at Circle K Kill South on the N7

Local customer service phone numbers are displayed at all charging stations. For trouble charging using an IONITY charger in Ireland or any other support request, call +35316917020 for assistance.

Find out how a few simple products can give your engine the wellness it deserves!

Wellness For Engines. LIQUI MOLY Experts Explain

Find out how a few simple products can give your engine the wellness it deserves!
Find out how a few simple products can give your engine the wellness it deserves!

In this special feature, Caroline speaks to the experts at LIQUI MOLY to find out more about ‘wellness for engines’: how using high-tech motor oils and additives can improve the health and performance of your car, saving you money in the long run!

Did you know that every kilometre of road you cover in your car costs a tiny piece of your engine? Over time, your car experiences continuous friction and wear that can also be accelerated by poor fuel quality and deposits of old lubricants.

With the help of regular maintenance of the oil and fuel cycle, engine performance can be brought back to the level of a new car.

I put some questions to David Kaiser, Head of Research and Development at LIQUI MOLY, to find out more about how using high quality motor oils and additives can take years off your car and restore engine performance to the time when your car was new.

LIQUI MOLY offers a global, uniquely broad range of about 4,000 automotive chemicals for the health and maintenance of your car: essential motor oils, performance-enhancing additives, greases and pastes, sprays and car care, glues, and sealants. The company sells its products in more than 150 countries, including Ireland.

Founded in 1957, LIQUI MOLY develops and produces its oils and additives exclusively in Germany, where the brand is consistently voted the best oil brand by some of the country’s most influential motoring magazines. The brand is respected by professional motor mechanics and technicians, while many motorsport teams also use their products. For example, LIQUI MOLY is the exclusive oil supplier to the Moto2 and Moto3 race series.

LIQUI MOLY ensures quality of product through Made in Germany promise
The LIQUI MOLY quality promise

What is the role of engine oil in the modern combustion engine and how does motor oil work?

Motor oils ensure the engine of your car is always working smoothly. If you think of the engine as the heart of your vehicle, then the motor oil is the life blood! Though ‘invisible’ to most of us, without this essential lubricant it’s game over for your engine. David Kaiser of LIQUI MOLY – the German oil brand who make the matching motor oil for every vehicle in the world - compares motor oil to a ‘fluid spare part’ that needs to fit precisely to a specific engine. But it hasn’t always been that way. There are now more demands on the modern motor oil than ever before:

“In the past motor oil was just a mere lubricant for the engine to reduce friction, and wear and tear,” says David. “Today motor oil has a lot more jobs to do: it has to work in a cold winter as well as in a hot summer; cool down the engine; keep the engine clean; neutralize the formation of acids in the oil; be compatible to exhaust treatment systems, and many more. At the same time, the engines have got more power and the oil change intervals have been extended.”

So why are there so many different motor oils?

According to David Kaiser, this is the price we pay for more efficient engines. When a car manufacturer designs a new engine, the required properties of the oil are part of this design. As different car manufacturers follow different strategies in engine technology, the result is different oil requirements. Sometimes these different technical requirements can be combined in a single oil, sometimes they cannot.

“At the moment we see in Europe more than 50 different oil specifications just for passenger cars,” says David. “And the trend is definitely towards even more than fewer oil specifications. It is hard even for professionals in garages to keep an overview. Not to mention the car owner.”

How do I find the correct motor oil for my car?

You will find the correct specification in the owner’s manual. The LIQUI MOLY website also offers a free oil guide where you can enter a few simple search criteria like the make, model, and engine to find the right oil specification for your car.

Motor oil is the life blood of your vehicle but must be the right specification for your car
Motor oil is the life blood of your vehicle but must be the right specification for your car

Can developments in motor oils improve engine efficiency?

The role of engine oils has changed over time with developments in the automotive industry and complexity of engines. According to David Kaiser of LIQUI MOLY, there is a trend for motor oils getting thinner and thinner. Years ago, the 10W-40 was a widespread viscosity. Today it is 5W-30 with 0W-20 gaining market share. 0W-16 is already available, and the industry is working on 0W-12.

“The reason for this development is the car manufacturers who want to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions,” says David. “A very thin oil offers less inner friction, so the engine needs less power and consumes less fuel to pump the oil. The effect is not huge, 2% less fuel consumption approximately, but is one of the many parameters the car manufacturers are working on. It is important to understand that the engine needs to be designed for such a thin oil. If you use a very thin oil in a conventional engine, you do not gain anything, but the engine will suffer from massive wear and tear.”

Can a high-quality motor oil help save you money?

“Yes – in several ways,” says David. “First of all, car manufacturers often allow extended oil change intervals when using an oil meeting the respective specification. Usually these extended oil change intervals double the standard intervals. Even when the quality motor oil is more expensive, it is cheaper compared to buying twice the amount of a standard oil. Plus, you save the service fee for one oil change.”

He adds: “Then, quality motor oil keeps the engine in good shape. This results in fewer engine problems, in less repair cost and in longer lifetime of the engine. Compared to the value of a car, the cost for quality motor oil is negligible.”

What should owners of hybrid cars know about maintaining their engine?

Owners of a hybrid car should keep in mind that their combustion engine requires the same maintenance as every combustion engine. The combustion engine does not run permanently while driving, kicking in only every now and then when needed. This can lead to two problems. The first being the fuel in the tank ages and decomposes over time. Secondly the engine often does not reach its operational temperature, which promotes the formation of deposits at the injection system, which hamper the proper combustion.

“Our Hybrid Additive mitigates both problems,” says David. “Furthermore, the irregular use of the combustion engine puts a lot of stress on the oil. Therefore, it is important to use a high-quality oil and to adhere to the oil change intervals.”

A hybrid additive can help to prevent some problems that can occur in hybrid cars
A hybrid additive can help to prevent some problems that can occur in hybrid cars

What is the role of additives in the modern combustion engine and how do additives work?

Additives in the oil and in the fuel protect the motor and fuel system of your car. Without additives, no modern engine would work. They keep the engine clean, reduce the formation of deposits and deliver additional performance.

So why add additional additives? According to David Kaiser, it’s about getting more performance or functionality. Today’s engines are highly optimized and efficient, but also very sensitive towards contamination. Small deviations in fuel or oil quality - and even driving style and driving conditions - may result in problems like increased formation of deposits, increasing fuel consumption, less performance and deteriorating exhaust gas values.

“Additives help to keep the engine in good shape, to restore the original engine performance and fuel economy, to avoid future engine problems and to prolong the engine’s lifetime,” says David.

LIQUI MOLY has devised a colour coded system to help you quickly recognise what part of the car the additive should be added: blue caps for petrol, red caps for diesel, black caps for oil and white caps for the radiator. There is also a series of additives in fully black cans, called “Pro-Line”, used by professional mechanics and technicians.

Will I see the same benefits whether my car is 5, 10 or 20 years old?

“When it comes to cleaning additives, the effect is greater the more contaminants,” says David. “Owners of older cars are often astonished how different their cars feel after the treatment. It is a kind of rejuvenation.”

Over time all cars will slowly lose performance and fuel economy. This is often not noticed by the car owner.

“The sudden restoration of the original performance is eye opening,” says David.

He adds: “Newer cars benefit, too. In this case it is not about restoring but about keeping the original performance and about keeping the engine in good shape to avoid breakdowns and repair works.”

“Additives are useful chemical tools. But they are not miracle potions which can magically heal severe technical issues or improve fuel consumption by one third. If you see these claims, you should be cautious.”

With over 60 years in producing additives, you can trust the experts at LIQUI MOLY!

LIQUI MOLY passion for performance on road and on track
LIQUI MOLY passion for performance on road and on track

If you would like to find out more about the story of LIQUI MOLY and the company plans for the Irish market, check out our exclusive article Discovering LIQUI MOLY, Made in Germany.

Safe driving and always do the best for your engine!

Caroline Kidd


Discovering LIQUI MOLY, Made In Germany!

LIQUI MOLY produces a full range of motor oils and automotive chemicals
Discover LIQUI MOLY with Changing Lanes, premium quality oils and additives made in Germany for engines everywhere!

Caroline Kidd talks to the experts at LIQUI MOLY to find out more about the difference premium quality motor oils and additives can make to your engine. We discover the brilliant rise of LIQUI MOLY, what it means to be 'Made in Germany', and the brand's plans for the Irish market! 

When was the last time you thought about motor oil?

The first car I ever owned had a little bit of a drinking problem. To the point that I always carried a small bottle of oil in the boot for any emergency top ups should they be required.

I learnt early on that if the oil light comes on, you stop the car immediately, so critical is this lubricant to your engine. Because if you don’t, it could quickly become game over for your engine.

Next stop was the motor factors, where I discovered a bewildering array of motor oils and other automotive products. I was fascinated by the numbers on the bottles, the variety.

As a motoring journalist, I’ve spent so many hours behind the wheel driving the latest new models from the world’s leading car manufacturers, pondering the performance and efficiency of everything from hatchbacks and SUVs, to luxury and high-performance vehicles.

Speaking to the experts at LIQUI MOLY, I was delighted to find an equally diligent group of professionals at the forefront of the development and manufacture of motor oils and automotive chemicals: the ‘invisible’ products that keep your car running better for longer. Well, when was the last time you thought about motor oil?

The German oil brand produces the matching oil for every car on the planet!
The German oil brand produces the matching oil for every car on the planet!

The matching motor oil for every car in the world

Founded back in 1957, in Ulm, Germany, on the River Danube, LIQUI MOLY is one of the few full-range brands with around 4,000 automotive products to explore: the matching motor oil for every car in the world, additives, greases and pastes, sprays and car care, glues and sealants.

“Some of our products are crucial, simple as it is. Without oil, no combustion engine would run longer than a few kilometres,” says David Kaiser, Head of Research and Development at LIQUI MOLY.

Today it’s not about any lubricant for the engine like in the past, when a standard 10W-40 oil was good for most cars. David compares the oil in your car to a ‘fluid spare part’, which needs to fit precisely to a specific engine.

“If you use a modern low viscosity oil in a conventional engine not designed for this type of oil, you will see the results quickly because the engine suffers from massive wear and tear,” says David. In other cases, the oil may not be suited for the exhaust treatment system which leads to premature clogging of the particle filter and expensive repair bills.

You can find the right oil specification for your car in the owner’s manual or use LIQUI MOLY’s free online oil guide, where you can quickly find the right oil for your car using some simple search criteria like the make, model and engine.

LIQUI MOLY also produces a range of additives
LIQUI MOLY also produces a range of additives, which can protect your engine from wear and tear over time

Other after-market automotive products are less mandatory than motor oil but beneficial, as David explains: “If you use our oil additives, you protect your engine from wear and tear. If you use our fuel additives, you keep the combustion clean which improves exhaust gas values and reduces fuel consumption. If you use our car care products, you protect your car from corrosion. All this helps to improve the vehicle’s longevity, to preserve its present value and to reduce maintenance cost.”

New products are developed at LIQUI MOLY by working closely with garages and the car manufacturers. According to David this is how the R&D team learn quickly about upcoming issues, such as LSPI, low-speed pre-ignition.

“This is a phenomenon that we find especially in downsized engines, which may severely damage the pistons. We analysed the problem and developed an additive to suppress LSPI. This is just one example of how we develop new products.”

The experts at LIQUI MOLY continuously review existing products and look for ways to further improve them. For example, oils get additional or higher specifications, and additives become even more effective.

The R&D department at LIQUI MOLY is also responsible for monitoring the quality of production. This starts with incoming raw materials tested in the brand’s labs before they can be unloaded. “When we blend a new batch of oil, we test this batch before it gets to the filling line,” says David. “During the filling we take samples to check the quality. And we store these samples to be able to prove the quality even years after the actual production.”

LIQUI MOLY ensures quality of product through Made in Germany promise

So what does it mean to be 'Made in Germany'?

As I began to learn more about this German oil brand - so full of passion and diligence for the application of their products in the automobile - I was amazed to discover that all oils and additives from LIQUI MOLY are still made in Germany before being distributed for sale in 150 countries around the world.

The brand focuses on premium quality and produces in Germany. They don’t want to be the cheapest; they want to be the best! This approach makes LIQUI MOLY different and is key to their quality promise. No matter whether you buy a LIQUI MOLY product off the shelf in Ireland, Germany, America, or some other region, you are ensured the same quality and consistency of the product.

“We do not produce lower quality versions of a product for export,” says Tim Keller, Export Area Manager at LIQUI MOLY and responsible for the Irish market. “With our own production facilities, we can ensure a constantly high-quality level. This made in Germany quality promise is strong, but it only works if you meet the expectations of car owners every day.”

Germany is of course famous around the world for the quality and precision of its manufacturing industry, including electronics, appliances, and of course cars, with the country home to some of the world’s most prestigious and desirable car brands like Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

“Many people also like the idea that they use exactly the same products as the people in the car nation Germany do,” says Tim.

LIQUI MOLY also produces a range of car care products
LIQUI MOLY also produces a range of car care products

Improving LIQUI MOLY presence around the world...and Ireland

LIQUI MOLY is indeed a popular oil brand in its native Germany, elected best oil brand consistently in reader polls of major German car magazines like Auto Bild and Auto-Zeitung. But having a strong market position in Germany means that further growth is harder to achieve there than in other countries. Therefore, the brand pushes their international business.

Ireland is part of this strategy, where LIQUI MOLY products are already used by professional garages and are on sale for consumers to buy from many independent motor factors and online retailers specialising in aftermarket automotive products.

“Of course, Ireland is not the biggest market,” says Tim. “But often we see the situation that many competitors tend to focus on the biggest markets and tend to somewhat neglect smaller countries where we are quite successful.”

“We have big plans for Ireland. We will launch motor oils with the very latest specifications, and we will continuously expand our product portfolio that we offer in Ireland.”

LIQUI MOLY has a compelling history, a successful SME against much larger corporations like BP, Total and Shell. Tim likens LIQUI MOLY to a “speedboat manoeuvring around these huge sluggish tankers”. In fact, in 2020, despite the devastating effects of the pandemic on the global economy, the business managed to grow, increasing sales by 7.1%. A great achievement in these difficult times.

It’s testament to the diligence, optimism and enthusiasm of this company and its people. According to Tim Keller, the brand doubled their global marketing investments in 2020 compared to the previous year. While other businesses reduced head count, LIQUI MOLY responded by hiring more staff, increasing the global headcount from 933 to 989.

LIQUI MOLY reaches audiences through high profile sponsorships like Formula 1
LIQUI MOLY reaches audiences around the world through high profile sponsorships like Formula 1

Powering motorsport and racing across the globe

High profile sponsorships also keep LIQUI MOLY visible on the world stage into 2021. LIQUI MOLY continues to believe in outstanding quality, the highest level of dynamics and pure emotion, making elite sports a natural companion to bring the brand’s message to the world. The brand sponsors a number of winter sports series around the globe for example, along with the two motorsport series with the greatest reach: Formula 1 and Moto GP. In fact, LIQUI MOLY is already the exclusive oil supplier to all teams of the Moto2 and Moto3 racing series.

Motorsports is a natural arena for the German brand because it is so closely related to the products the company manufactures, as Peter Baumann, Marketing Director at LIQUI MOLY, explains: “This allows us to get in touch with people all around the globe who are enthusiastic about engines and racing. The fact that all team in Moto2 and Moto3 use our oil is only possible when you can provide top quality. This allows us to demonstrate the quality of our products. What is proven on the racetrack does also a great job in everyday use.”

“Furthermore, the racing teams in Moto2 and Moto3 do not use a unique development just for them but one of our ordinary motorcycle oils,” continues David. “It is good enough to cope with the harsh requirements of a world championship.”

exclusive oil supplier to all teams of the Moto2 and Moto3 racing series.
LIQUI MOLY is the exclusive oil supplier to all teams of the Moto2 and Moto3 racing series

The future of LIQUI MOLY

So what might the future hold for this ambitious company? The environmental question must be tackled. And LIQUI MOLY is clearly a brand with a conscience, taking part in CSR programmes in its native Germany and other regions. Part of the brand’s mission is to treat energy and the ever-scarcer resources of Mother Earth very carefully, with manufacturing processes as environmentally friendly as possible and continually optimised from an ecological aspect.

While Ireland and Europe are now on the road to putting more electric vehicles on the road with some real intent at last, the latest European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) report still clearly shows over 2.1 million passenger cars in use in Ireland for example, and over 99% still powered by a combustion engine.

These cars require maintenance, motor oils and other automotive chemicals to keep them running at their best until end of life. Even as the fleet is gradually replaced with more battery electric vehicles, it’s going to take a while before we are talking about over 1 million electric cars on Irish roads.

But the world is changing, no doubt about it, with tighter environmental controls from national governments on cars with traditional combustion engines, and more incentives for consumers to buy electric vehicles. What might the future hold for a company specialising in selling oil, additives and other automotive chemicals for combustion engines?

Tim Keller, Export Area Manager at LIQUI MOLY and responsible for the Irish market says that the brand sees a strong push towards electric passenger cars. But most of these cars are not fully electric ones but hybrids, which still come with a combustion engine. He also notes that the average age of passenger cars in the EU is almost at 11 years.

“For these reasons it will take a long time until we see a significant share of fully electric passenger cars,” says Tim. “Then there are commercial vehicles, construction machines and so on which cannot be electrified right now.”

“Finally, the discussion about synthetic green fuels is accelerating right now. We will see combustion engines still for a long time. So electric vehicles will have an impact on our business model but only slowly and we will adapt our business model accordingly. Our wide range of automotive chemicals offers plenty of opportunities to us.”

With the performance of LIQUI MOLY to date, I do not doubt that this company will continue to innovate and continually respond to the needs of car owners around the world!

LIQUI MOLY motor oils and automotive chemicals available in Ireland now
LIQUI MOLY motor oils and automotive chemicals available in Ireland now

Caroline Kidd