Kia Stonic Vlog

Vlog: Kia Stonic Launch

My vlog from the Kia Stonic Launch in Barberstown Castle. Also includes a car swap!


Vlog: Refresher Day At Mondello Park

In this vlog, I swap a Land Rover for a SEAT, and attend the Refresher Day for Irish Car of the Year 2018 at Mondello Park. Read more about it here.


Vlog: Honda Civic Type R

On Tuesday I was in Dublin to drive the new Honda Civic Type R. Watch my vlog from the day and then read my Civic Type R first drive review.

Caroline Kidd vlog

Vlog: Goodbye Prius, Hello Discovery!

In this vlog, it's Monday car swap day so I'm in Dublin to change my Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid for the new Land Rover Discovery!

Caroline Kidd vlog

Vlog: Monday Car Swap

On Monday I was in Dublin to swap my test cars. Watch my vlog to see what I picked up for review this week!

Volkswagen Golf R Vlog

Vlog: Behind The Scenes On The Golf R Video Shoot

In my latest vlog, go behind the scenes with me while I try to make a video review of the Volkswagen Golf R!

Caroline Kidd Vlog

Caroline's Monday Vlog!

Check out this behind the scenes vlog. Car swapping and a Mercedes-Benz Drive event!