The Mazda Koeru concept
The Mazda Koeru concept

The last few weeks have been relatively quiet in terms of new cars “breaking cover” (as the manufacturer’s so love to call those sneaky shots of new cars).

To be honest I’ve missed the barrage of new cars and buzzwords landing in my inbox. It’s my fuel for blog ideas, the stuff that keeps me thinking and writing about new cars and the motor industry.

I’ve had to be super creative to think up new topics to write about, but luckily the peculiarities and nuances of lousy driving on Irish roads have inspired me enough to write and keep the blog going during the new car drought.

But lousy drivers of Ireland can rejoice because soon I will be very much occupied. You see there’s a motor show about to break cover. It’s the Frankfurt Motor Show!

I’ve been waiting for the avalanche of new car reveals and sneaky spy shots to start for a few weeks now. There were signs it was coming – something about a new Ferrari, plans for a huge BMW stand.

Then things really looked up last week when two came along together – a Mazda and a Suzuki with the sort of ambiguous photos that really herald the coming of a motor show. Helping to build the suspense without revealing too much. We all love a surprise!

So the build-up to this year’s show has begun. Expect lots of mpg porn, amazing tech, crossovers, hybrids, wacky names and very, very fast cars.


Caroline Kidd