The Porsche Panamera is Ireland's most popular high end luxury car!
The Porsche Panamera is Ireland’s most popular high end luxury car!

Curious about what luxury cars the rich and famous like to drive in Ireland? According to new data from Cartell, if you are living in Ireland and loaded you’re more likely to drive a Porsche.

Four Porsches make up the top 5 most popular luxury cars from a pool of Maseratis, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bentleys and Porsches,. There are six models from the German brand in the top 10 altogether.

Other brands that feature are of course Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Maserati. The data shows that there are 1,184 high end luxury vehicles from these marques currently in the Irish fleet.

The company notes the decline in vehicles at this end of the market for registration year 2019 compared with the previous year. Only 91 high end luxury vehicles were registered against 135 in 2018. The best year for luxury cars was 2015, with 228 luxury cars registered.

According to Cartell, more than 50% of these vehicles have been imported, which translates to 667 imports against 517 indigenous Irish vehicles.

The Ferrari California features 6 times
The Ferrari California features 6 times

Most popular luxury car in Ireland

The top model among the marques was the Porsche Panamera with 276 units followed by the Porsche Cayenne with 258 and the Porsche Macan with 197. The Porsche 911 also features with 104 examples of this model live in the current Irish fleet.

The most popular Ferrari in Ireland is the California with 6 models on the road. According to the Government data there is one Ferrari Testarossa. Aston Martin peaks with the DB11 – there are 7 in the country.

    1. Porsche Panamera (276 units)
    2. Porsche Cayenne (258 units)
    3. Porsche Macan (197 units)
    4. Porsche 911 (104 units)
    5. Maserati Ghibli (101 units)
    6. Porsche Cayman (45 units)
    7. Porsche Boxster (34 units)
    8. Bentley Continental (28 units)
    9. Maserati Quattroporte (25 units)
    10. Maserati Levante (11 units)

The Porsche Panamera debuted in 2009. Porsche had long been the purveyors of sports cars and two seaters, but the Panamera successfully expanded the appeal of the brand into the executive saloon segment. Over 235,000 have been sold worldwide. It’s available from €115,877 in Ireland.

Maserati also features three times in the top 10 with the Maserati Ghibli being the most popular from the Italian brand in Ireland. It’s joined by the Quattroporte and the Levante SUV.

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The Ghibli is the most popular Maserati in Ireland
The Ghibli is the most popular Maserati in Ireland