Tracker Jack is an Irish company that specialises in the sale of GPS trackers that can be used to keep family members safe, and track the location of objects of value like cars or motorbikes.

The Tracker Jack GPS device for vehicles is a convenient and accurate way of always knowing the location of your car, motorbike or piece of machinery. If someone steals your car, you can track its location in real time from an app on your phone.

With the Tracker Jack GPS device you can track your car from anywhere in the world. It’s a small device of about 8.5cms that you can leave in the glovebox, under the boot floor or in some other hidden place in your car.

You can charge the device using a USB connection and the charge lasts for one to two weeks, depending on the settings. You can download the Yepzon app for free, sync the device to your phone and start tracking your car. If your car is stolen or moved, you will receive an alert to your mobile phone and you can track where it is through the app and alert the Gardai.

Tracker Jack GPS Tracker
The device is easy to sync with your phone

I found it very easy to sync my mobile phone to the device. It’s also an advantage that the tracker does not need to be integrated into the car in an invasive way – it’s as simple as throwing it into your glovebox. It was amazing to see the tracking in action on Google Maps from my phone.

Tracker Jack says that the device is most popular among men and women with vintage and modified cars, but it’s of interest to any car owner. One device can be tracked on a number of different phones, so you could share access with another family member.

The device costs €149.99 when bought through Tracker Jack. It has a built in SIM that comes with 5MB worth of free data. To top up the device it is €3.95 per 5MB of data.

The device is not cheap but for owners worried about their car, motorbike or piece of machinery, it does offer extra peace of mind. According to Tracker Jack, the GPS Tracker does bring down insurance premiums because the tracker is considered a security feature like an alarm, so that is an extra boon and worth investigating.

Find out more about Tracker Jack by visiting the website here.

Caroline Kidd