Kermit, Volkswagen Ireland's Mark 1 Volkswagen Golf, photographed by Paddy McGrath
Kermit, Volkswagen Ireland’s Mark 1 Volkswagen Golf, photographed by Paddy McGrath

Volkswagen Ireland will auction the brand’s 1977 Mk1 Volkswagen Golf, to raise money for Women’s Aid Ireland, the charity that supports victims of domestic violence.

The vintage car was bought by Volkswagen Ireland in 2013 and is affectionately known as Kermit, inspired by its frog-shaped headlamps and distinctive Bali Green paint work.

It will be auctioned off this week to coincide with International Women’s Day.

Powered by a 1.1-litre, 50-horsepower petrol engine, the Mark 1 Volkswagen Golf was considered nippy in its day with a cruising speed of 80km/h.

Despite showing signs of age, Kermit – licence plate KZN 712 – has lived a charmed life, spawning a legion of fans and appearing in the 2015 St Patrick’s Day Parade.

The lucky winning bidder at Wednesday’s auction gets to own a piece of automotive history, while raising vital funds to support victims of domestic violence.

Rodolfo Calixto, Brand Director for Volkswagen Ireland, says:

“We are sad to see Kermit go but confident he will be happy in his new habitat. Women’s Aid Ireland does wonderful work and we are delighted to support our charity partner via this unique auction.”