Spring weather is kinder to cars, especially if you have damp issues. No more water rolling down the inside of the windscreen.

There’s less time needed to get going in the morning and the car heats up quicker.

It’s easier to drive. Clear roads mean maximum attack mode.

Cars can be washed again as more of a pleasure activity than a chore. You can give it a proper sudsy bath now that’s it’s a bit more pleasant outside.

If you drive a convertible you can finally take your top off again and be a bit more comfortable behind the wheel!

All those rare and classic cars come out of hibernation to play, so that means spring is a great time for car watching.

Formula 1 is back. Sometimes it’s really boring but the fact that it comes back every year still makes a lot of people happy.

Longer, warmer and brighter days make us want to go driving just for the fun of it. We’ve got fuel to burn and roads to drive!

Have I left anything out?

Caroline Kidd