Breda drives a 6th generation BMW 5 Series like this one
Breda drives a 6th generation BMW 5 Series like this one

In this week’s Me and My Car feature we are meeting Breda Grumley Lalor and her BMW 5 Series! Breda is a wedding dress consultant and co-owner of the Bridal Hall, an award-winning bridal salon in Ballybrittas, County Laois. At the Bridal Hall, Breda and her sister Caroline stock a wide range of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in a cosy setting. They are experts in their field and offer a full service, including in-house alterations. Breda knows style and has been immersed in the bridal fashion industry for over 20 years. So it’s no surprise that she drives a white BMW 5 Series, a seriously glam car to match a very stylish and accomplished woman!

Breda drives the 6th generation of the BMW 5 Series, or in BMW speak, the ‘F10’, produced between 2010 and 2016. The 5 Series has long been a popular large saloon in Ireland and continues to impress buyers with its comfort, refinement, quality and sporty driving character. As Breda so aptly puts it, the 5 Series ‘loves the road’. With every new generation of the car, BMW adds more technology and tweaks the styling but never strays too far from a successful formula.

I asked Breda a few questions about her choice of car.

1. Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

Hi, my name is Breda Grumley Lalor and I’m married to John with three kids. I’ve been working in the Bridal Hall every day for the last 20 years, helping brides select their perfect dress from our selection.


2. What car do you drive? 

I drive a white BMW 520d diesel.

3. What do you like about it?

I just love BMW and this is my third one. It loves the road and I love driving it! I really like that it’s an automatic. It’s really comfortable and the heated seats are great for cold mornings. Long journeys are a delight because it’s so smooth on the road. And it’s white.

4. Is there anything you would change about it? 

The only thing I will say is that it could be a bit bigger for when I have the whole family with me.

5. What’s in the glovebox?

Sunglasses, recipes and lipstick.


6. And one piece of advice for brides to be when it comes to choosing a car for their big day?

“If you are wearing a ball gown make sure your car is big enough for it to sit comfortably,” says Breda.

Sounds like pretty sound practical advice!

Check out the Bridal Hall on Facebook and Bridesmaids by Breda.

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