In this article, find out everything you need to know about buying wind deflectors for your car, how they work, the benefits and where to buy the best wind deflectors in Ireland.

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Stay cool and calm in the car
Stay cool and calm in the car – no matter the weather!

What are wind deflectors?

Ever tried driving with the windows down? You’ll know it tends not to be the most pleasant experience, drawing fast-moving air into the vehicle causing the wind to buffet around your ears. Even with the windows up, there can be a fair bit of wind noise in the cabin depending on how aerodynamic your car is and how good the insulation is around the door seals.

Car wind deflectors, or rain guards as they are often known, are those small plastic panels you often see fitted above car windows or in the window channel to deflect rain and wind. They are manufactured by many different brands like Heko and DGA and are designed to be tough and durable, withstanding all types of weather. Wind deflectors are known to be easy to fit and come in lots of different styles that can even enhance the look of your car.

How do wind deflectors work?

Wind deflectors work by basic aerodynamics, improving the flow of air around your car as you drive along. When fitted they alter the aerodynamic contour of your vehicle and work by redirecting the flow of air (and rainwater!) over the open windows and around the sides of the car instead of directly onto it for a quieter driving experience.

Benefits of wind deflectors

By redirecting the air flow and decreasing drag, wind deflectors have the magic ability to reduce wind and noise inside your car, van or truck as you drive – by up to 40-50% – while also allowing fresh air to circulate inside.

When it’s raining, you can roll down your windows a little without rainwater getting into the car and spoiling the interior. This allows air to circulate and reduce condensation inside the vehicle.

Wind deflectors help to reduce noise inside your vehicle
Wind deflectors help to reduce noise inside your vehicle

They can also prevent windows from fogging up, improving safety and visibility.

The slim, sleek design and lightly tinted or smoked appearance can be a cool enhancement for your car.

Fear not, you can also put your car though a car wash without the need to remove them!

Types of wind deflectors 

These are the most common types of wind deflectors for car windows:

  1. In-channel wind deflectors: These are the most common type of wind deflectors and the most secure. They are easy to install and don’t require any adhesive. They can also be removed easily, which makes them ideal for permanent or temporary use. Sometimes clips are used to secure them when the window channel is too wide for the deflectors to fit tightly.
  2. Stick-on wind deflectors: These are attached to the car door panel with a paintwork-safe adhesive and can also be easily removed.

Buying the best wind deflectors

Window sizes between cars vary so wind deflectors are made to fit the make and model of your car, van or truck. Always check before you buy to make sure they are the correct set to fit your vehicle.

Best for strength: DGA wind deflectors

High quality wind deflectors made from cast acrylic glass with UV protection. Easy to fit without the need for tools or metal/plastic clips.

Best value: G3 wind deflectors

G3 wind deflectors are the best value option offering quality at a good price, though the product range is not quite as extensive as other brands like Heko.

Best overall: Team Heko wind deflectors

Heko is probably the best-known brand for wind deflectors. It’s been around for a long time and offers an extensive range that’s bound to include your vehicle. They look good and are easy to fit making them easy to recommend.

Some online car accessory suppliers like MicksGarage allow you to search for wind deflectors by the make and model of your car so you’ll always end up with the exact fit for your vehicle. Check out their website here to input the make/model and see what’s available for your car.

Wind deflectors are typically sold in pairs - always check its the right one to fit your car
Always check the wind deflectors are the right fit for your car 

Anything else to know?

Wind deflectors are typically sold in pairs for the front doors or rear doors, or as a full set for front and rear doors.

Another top tip is to always check that the set is compatible with the number of doors on your car e.g. 3- or 5-door.

Check all the features of the product before purchasing and that it’s suitable for the make and model of your vehicle.

Finally, there are lots of videos online to show you how to fit your new wind deflectors!