Dani Mahoney's MINI First
Dani Mahoney, editor of Missy.ie, with her 2011 MINI First

We recently spoke to Dani Mahoney, the editor of Missy.ie, Ireland’s No.1 online magazine for teens, about her MINI First.

1. Tell us about your car.

It’s a 2011 MINI First 1.6-litre.

2. How long have you owned this car?
About a year and a half.

3. Why did you choose this car?

I just always loved Minis! I lived in Abu Dhabi for 3 years and I promised myself that when I came back home I’d buy myself one. Funny story: I was home for Christmas in 2016 when I saw the MINI that I bought. I wasn’t going to be home until July 2017 and I still only had my learner permit. Me and my mother went to “have a look at it” and I ended up buying it on the spot. I just loved it. I am the queen of impulse purchases, but no regrets!

4. What do you like about this car?

I think it’s very deceptive. People think that MINIs are a “cute” car for women, but it’s surprisingly powerful. I also love how you see older Minis still on the road. They stand the test of time.

5. Is there anything you would change about your car?

Yes, the boot is so small. I’m not sure that there’s really a point to it.

6. What’s in your glovebox?

My phone charger and an audio cable to play my Spotify. I also have a bottle of Holy Water that my neighbour gave me when I bought the car!

7. Favourite memory of the car?

Driving it for the first time on my own. Terrifying, but amazing.

8. Who would your ideal passenger be?

Emily Weiss, the CEO of Glossier.

9. Three words to describe your car.

So much fun.

Thanks to Dani for taking part in this feature. You can follow Missy.ie on social media: