It’s just over a year since I hit the button to make my little blog go live. Version 1.0 was a small affair that looking back, probably wasn’t quite sure of itself.

But there was one thing it was certain about: it knew it wanted to be a car site. That proved to be enough to get us off the ground and keep us cruising.

It also had the longest URL ever; it was a few weeks before I switched to the more user-friendly “”. Slightly embarrassing looking back now but my attitude at the time was to “start something” and refine as I went along. is growing now every month. One of the best things about running it is the people it puts me in touch with. I love when I get a little email out of the blue or a comment left on the site.

One of the biggest surprises has been the support of other bloggers, both on social media and within the WordPress community. These are people I’ve never met and owe me nothing, yet they are willing to reach out and offer support.

I really appreciate my regular commenters (you know who you are) and my readers that keep coming back (thanks!). I hope you will continue on this journey with me and say hello anytime at

Happy & Safe Motoring,