Caroline celebrates's 4th birthday
Caroline celebrates’s 4th birthday! turned 4 on 16th June 2018. So it was time to organise a little celebration of my own: cue cupcake, candle and a party for one in the cabin of one very large pick-up – review coming soon ;).

I started in June 2014. Looking back, there was no real plan. I was feeding an idea I’d had more than two years previous and exploring my own creativity in a way that was new and exciting. I didn’t know where it was going, or where I was going. But I showed up every day, sifting through the manufacturers’ press releases and writing reviews of whatever cars I could get my hands on. I was motivated by passion for cars and the motor industry, a desire to express that through words, and a belief that there was a gaping need in the automotive industry for young female voices like my own.

Gradually I settled into a rhythm and the site showed me the direction it wanted to take. I took the baton and in the early days I can see I benefited greatly from the help and opportunities given to me by some colleagues and industry professionals, at a time when I didn’t know anyone and I wasn’t quite sure of myself.

The last four years have been incredible, and the site has helped me in numerous ways, both personally and professionally. As clichéd as it might sound, Changing Lanes is indeed the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m grateful to all of my regular readers and casual browsers. I really hope you enjoy the content on this site and find the car reviews useful.

As always if you would like to get in touch or comment, please email me

Thank you,