Daryl Gunning Renault Twingo
Daryl and his Renault Twingo

Daryl Gunning tells us about his Renault Twingo.

1. Tell me about your car.

It’s a 2016 Renault Twingo Play 999cc in Powder Blue.

2. How many years have you owned this car?

Just over a year.

3. Why did you choose this car?

My previous, and first car, was a 2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.6. Although it was a very reliable car, it was a tad bit of a “gas guzzler” and was expensive to tax. I also do a lot of milage, so I wanted to get a car that was a bit safer. Renault gave me a great deal on the Twingo as it was a showroom model (only 14km on the clock, but 3k immediately taken off the price). It was also (to me anyway) the most interesting and fun car in my price-range.

4. What do you like about this car?

It is a fun car that puts a smile on your face every time you drive it. I find it nice to have a car that is not very common on our roads. It was a bit odd owning it at first, as people would stare at it as you drove by (lol). Although it’s not exactly what you would call “speedy”, it is quite a lot of fun to chuck around Irish roads, gripping surprisingly well for a city car. I enjoy having to work a small-engined car to get the most out of it, the right gear is key!!! It is the perfect car for the city too, I have parallel parked in so many tight spaces that you just wouldn’t fit any other car in (apart from maybe a 2-door smart). The tight turning circle is really helpful for this (similar turning circle to a London cab I’ve heard). Although slow out on the open road, it is very sprightly in the first three gears. Also, the sound of the engine humming away behind you never gets old.

5. Is there anything you would change about your car?

It has an aversion to cross-winds that is ridiculous for a modern car. Passing trucks on the motorway is, well, an experience!

6. What’s in your glovebox?

Boring stuff: tax, insurance, owner manual, napkins from McDonalds…..

7. Favourite memory of the car?

The first time I took it on a windy country road, made me grin from ear to ear.

8. Who would your ideal passenger be?

Jeremy Clarkson reading me directions….. you can hear it right??

9. Three words to describe your car?

Cheeky, Chic, Clever

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