From petite city cars to luxury saloons, these are my five best cars to drive to a business meeting!

Smart ForTwo

For city meetings, the Smart ForTwo makes a great choice. It’s tiny with enough fizz to zip around the city and keep out of trouble. And if you are running late for your meeting, you can abandon it just about anywhere. Image-wise, the ForTwo makes you look hip, smart and totally comfortable in your own skin.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is the ultimate way to travel to a business meeting. Super classy, super refined – this is how executives love to travel!

Volkswagen Golf GTI

If you read our five worst cars to drive to a business meeting you will know we had the Ford Focus ST in there. There is nothing wrong with the Focus ST – but it just doesn’t have the same class that you get from a Volkswagen Golf GTI. And if you are heading to a business meeting, you want class. With 220 bhp under the bonnet, there is no excuse to be late in the Golf GTI.

Volkswagen Golf GTI
There will be no excuses for being late for your meeting with the 220bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI

Citroen DS 3

Meeting with a fashionista? Fancy yourself as a bit of a “creative”? Well appearance is everything in this industry so make the right first impression by driving up in the uber-stylish Citroen DS 3.

Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo is a great way to travel to a business meeting – it’s comfortable, ideal for motorway sprints across the country, and has lots of space for all your gear. The Ford badge is innocuous enough not to mark you out as a pretentious git – but a car like the Mondeo still gives you all the credibility you need to clinch the deal. Have you seen that grille?

Caroline Kidd