Copywriting by Changing Lanes

I’m delighted to introduce you to Copywriting by Changing Lanes, my new suite of specialist copywriting services with a particular focus on retail and automotive businesses.

As many of you will know, I have been the editor of the Changing Lanes online automotive magazine since 2014. However some of you may not know that in that time I have also been busy working and growing as a commercial copywriter!

I’ve had the privilege to write for so many fantastic businesses. I’ve written about everything from bathroom suites to boat building, online retail, fine dining, nutrition, wellness, hospitality, heritage, architecture, finance, legal, and of course my beloved automotive! I’m so grateful to all my clients and collaborators, who I have learnt so much from. Now I’m excited to be merging my copywriting services with my Changing Lanes brand.

At Copywriting by Changing Lanes, we help our clients to improve their online presence, make their business stand out and reach more customers with engaging, informative copy that is perfectly optimised for the web. Our editorial and creative copywriting services include SEO-optimised website copy, unique product descriptions, expert editorial and article writing, top quality blog content, new website launch press releases, goal-oriented topic research and strategic content consultancy.

I understand the online environment and what it takes for a business to succeed because I have done it all with Changing Lanes. Over 6 years I’ve learnt how to optimise content to improve search engine performance, write the best headlines for online media, perform keyword research to gauge public interest in topics, interview subjects to initiate the best illumination and connection with audiences, create consistent high quality content, build and engage online communities, and much more!

I’m grateful to receive the support of the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Wexford to grow my business and the help of my wonderful mentor Mags Boland Murphy, who guided me behind the scenes to make these changes to my brand. It’s really exciting to be taking this step forward with Changing Lanes and my new spin-off copywriting services. I hope to reach more people and help them to achieve their business goals through creative, strategic content that connects with their ideal customers.

Find out more here and please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project!

Caroline Kidd