There have been some changes to motor tax that will affect private cars from 1st January 2021
There have been some changes to motor tax that will affect private cars from 1st January 2021

2021 sees some changes to motor tax in Ireland and the rates you will pay.

Paying motor tax is a legal requirement for every vehicle driven in a public place, whether it’s a car, van, truck or bus. Once you have payed, your tax disc will be issued and must be displayed in the windscreen of your car or you could be issued with a €60 fine.

In Ireland it is the role of local authorities to collect motor tax. The local county council offices offer counter services, but you can also tax your vehicle online through a website called Motor Tax Online. You can use the website for tasks such as renewing motor tax, getting refunds, declaring a vehicle temporarily off the road, change of vehicle ownership and change of personal details.

How much is motor tax in Ireland for private cars?

Motor tax for privately owned cars is calculated in three different ways, depending on the age of your vehicle. Please scroll down to view our simple list of Irish motor tax rates.

If your car was registered before July 2008, the motor tax rate is calculated based on the engine capacity. There are no changes to the rates table for these cars in 2021.

If your car was registered between 1st July 2008 to the end of 2020, the motor tax rate is calculated based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. In 2021 minor changes will apply to the existing rates table for cars taxed on CO2 emissions.

If your car is registered from 1 January 2021, a third rate of Motor Tax is being introduced to take account of the introduction of the ‘Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Testing Procedure’ (WLTP), a more realistic means of measuring CO2 values.

Electric car owners pay the lowest tax rate of all for their vehicles, at €120 per year.

1. Rates based on engine size (car registered before 1st July 2008)

Engine Capacity (CC)Annual Rate
Not over 1,000€199
1,001 to 1,100€299
1,101 to 1,200€330
1,201 to 1,300€358
1,301 to 1,400€385
1,401 to 1,500€413
1,501 to 1,600€514
1,601 to 1,700€544
1,701 to 1,800€636
1,801 to 1,900€673
1,901 to 2,000€710
2,001 to 2,100€906
2,101 to 2,200€951
2,201 to 2,300€994
2,301 to 2,400€1,034
2,401 to 2,500€1,080
2,501 to 2,600€1,294
2,601 to 2,700€1,345
2,701 to 2,800€1,391
2,801 to 2,900€1,443
2,901 to 3,000€1,494
3,001 or more€1,809


2. Rates based on C02 emissions (car registered from 1st July 2008 to 31st December 2020)

BandCO2 EmissionsAnnual Rate
GMore than 225g€2400


3. Rates based on C02 emissions calculated from WLTP value (car registered from 1st January 2021)

WLTP CO2Annual Rate
Band A: 0g€120
Band A1: 1-50g€140
Band A2: 51-80g€150
Band A3: 81-90g€160
Band A4: 91-100g€170
Band A5: 101-110g€180
Band A6: 111-120g€190
Band B1: 121-130g€200
Band B2: 131-140g€210
Band C1: 141-150g€270
Band C2: 151-160g€280
Band D: 161-170g€420
Band E: 171-190g€600
Band F1: 191-200g€790
Band F2: 201-225g€1,250
Band G: more than 225g€2,400

A motor tax disc can be issued for 3, 6 or 12 months, with the best value had when you pay a year at a time.

Commercial Motor Tax Rates

Electric light commercial vehicles (up to 1500kg) pay just €92 per year in commercial motor tax. Most light commercial vehicles powered by a combustion engine (up to 3000kg) pay €333 per year in commercial motor tax.

The annual rate for a vehicle between 3000 and 4000kg is €420, between 4,000kg and 12,000kg is €500, and €900 per year for vehicles over 12,000kg.

Anything else?

If you sell your car or trade it in for a new one, you have to complete the change of ownership procedure. You won’t be able to tax your new vehicle until the change of ownership has been registered.

You can temporarily declare your vehicle off road and not pay motor tax for that period. You cannot drive the vehicle on a public road while it is declared off road. It must be done in advance by completing a form where you can select a period between 3 and 12 months. The declaration of non-use must be made in the same month that your current motor tax disc expires. If arrears in motor tax are due these must be paid in full and you must also pay a minimum of 3 months motor tax, before a declaration of non-use can be made.

You will find more information on Motor Tax Online. The Citizens’ Information website also has a lot of information on everything to do with motor tax in Ireland.