Are you sweet on cars? Here are ten signs that you might be!

1. Your car is cleaner than your house.

2. Your car is always the solitary one on the top floor of the car park.

3. You park your car but always glance back as you’re walking away just to check it’s “ok”.

4. You don’t trust anyone to drive or park your car with the same respect as you do.

5. You nerd out on the owner’s manual when you get a new car. You want to know EVERYTHING about it. You even read the 100 page guide about how to operate the radio.

6. You know your car’s chassis number off by heart. If you are a bit rusty on that, you will certainly know where to find it!

7. You are a firm believer in simple car maintenance. Your car will never be the one that runs low on oil or water.

8. And your car passes the NCT first time, every time!

9. You can recognise most cars from just the rear light cluster or the shape of the headlamps. You’re that good. You have all the deets on suspicious cars in your area.

10. You could never date someone who the only thing that they were ever sure about a car was the colour.

Are you sweet on cars? Tell me why in the comments below!

Caroline Kidd