Read Caroline’s Jaguar I-PACE review for everything you need to know about buying Jaguar’s electric car in Ireland.

Jaguar has long been the purveyor of exotic sports cars and luxurious saloons. Staying relevant in today’s market brought Jaguar into the realm of SUVs with the launch of the F-PACE and E-PACE.

So when talk in the motor industry went electric, it was only right that Jaguar should follow suit. The brand’s racing division joined the Formula E motorsport championship for electric cars. And gave the world the first Jaguar electric car – the I-PACE.

The Jaguar I-PACE first went on sale in Ireland in 2018, which is ages ago in EV terms. A lot has happened in the interim. There are many new premium electric cars and SUVs vying for a growing market.

So what does the Jaguar I-PACE have to offer and is it still relevant in an industry that is moving so fast?

The Jaguar I-PACE on test for Changing Lanes
The Jaguar I-PACE on test for Changing Lanes

What’s so special about the Jaguar I-PACE?

2019 World Car of the Year. European Car of the Year in the same year. The I-PACE was a much-anticipated car, the first electric vehicle from a brand that has committed to producing just electric cars from 2025. But things move so fast in the automotive world that prestigious accolades will only get you so far…

Yet there’s just something about a Jaguar. A brand that is still so clearly inspired by their sports car roots. Meeting the I-PACE for the first time is quite an experience. Jaguar would probably like you to think of the I-PACE as an SUV, since the market loves SUVs.

But it’s much more car-like than that. And all the more stunning for it. The I-PACE is a beautiful piece of design, and looks sporty, elegant and dynamic from every angle – exactly how a Jaguar should be.

Powering the I-PACE is a 90 kWh battery, which is key to the car’s ability to stay relevant in the market today – it has a WLTP range of 470 km, yet in real world driving the I-PACE easily passes the 300 km benchmark that makes life with an EV more comfortable between charges.

Gorgeous from every angle - the Jaguar I-PACE
Gorgeous from every angle – the Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar I-PACE Black – what’s new?

On test for Changing Lanes was the new Jaguar I-PACE Black finished in eye-catching Caesium Blue. While the I-PACE range starts in Ireland from €76,890, we think the I-PACE Black is considerable ‘good value’ at €78,400 with more equipment and smart black detailing.

The Black enhances the exclusivity of the I-PACE with gloss black door mirror caps as well as gloss black finish to the grille, side window surrounds and rear badges. It also enhances the I-PACE’s already generous standard specification with a full panoramic roof, rear privacy glass and 20-inch black alloy wheels.

Inside the I-PACE welcomes passengers with a full leather interior. The cabin is slick and high quality – reassuringly premium in a classic Jaguar way. It’s great to see that there has been no compromise to quality in the quest to bring this car to market and it’s stayed modern, even after four years.

Much of that is down to the integration of Jaguar’s ‘Pivi Pro’ infotainment system with 10″ screen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. It works seamlessly, while there is also a digital display for the driver. A Meridian™ Sound System adds premium sound to the cabin of the I-PACE.

The interior of the Jaguar I-PACE
The interior of the Jaguar I-PACE

Is it practical?

The I-PACE is spacious up front and the platform yields generous interior space for passengers too. There are two large footwells in the rear and enough headroom for adults too despite those sports car looks.

The boot opens via a powered tailgate in a practical hatchback style. The I-PACE can stow away an impressive 656 litres.

There’s also a small ‘frunk’ under the front bonnet for charging cables for example.

The I-PACE was future proofed with a 11kW onboard charger, which allows for faster AC charging. A full charge of the 90 kWh battery can be got in 8 hours or in just under 13 hours with a 7kW wallbox at home.

The Jaguar can also avail of up to 104 kW DC rapid charging. Some rivals do offer faster DC charging these days, though of course that’s only possible with the right infrastructure. So the Jaguar can still make the most of more plentiful 50 kW and 100 kW chargers on the public charge network.

Rear space in the I-PACE
Rear space in the I-PACE

Driving the I-PACE

The I-PACE uses a 90 kWh battery with a healthy 400 hp from two electric motors and whopping 696 Nm of torque. Bespoke EV aluminium architecture delivers Jaguar’s most torsionally rigid body structure, with 50:50 weight distribution and all wheel drive performance.

This is an elegant electric car that gives a sports car feel behind the wheel. The I-PACE is a delight to drive, swift and agile with lots of grip and emotion that really helps it to stand out. Optional electronic air suspension (€1,765) gives this car an exquisite ride quality no matter the road surface. The car is easy to control and guide over the tarmac.

All wheel drive allows for a tidy put down of power with little drama or fuss. The I-PACE feels comparably light and agile on the road to some electric premium SUV rivals. Like it will dance a bit for you and play like a classic Jaguar. The accelerator pedal also appears well modulated with a feeling of acceleration and going through gears making the car more interesting than many.

Then pop it into dynamic mode and all those thrills are accompanied by a more aggressive ‘engine note’. More a growl then than a purr from this cat!

The Jaguar I-PACE offers stunning on the road performance
The Jaguar I-PACE offers stunning on the road performance

Did you like it?

The Jaguar I-PACE is a gorgeous thing. It feels wrong to call it an SUV or even a crossover, though everything seems to sell faster these days with that tag.

If you spent years looking at a Jaguar saloon, the I-PACE is a refreshing and modern design.

Inside the Jaguar still feels modern and current, with a suitably luxurious feel and impressive digital technology.

Where the I-PACE really shines is from behind the wheel where Jaguar has made a really engaging and emotive drive worthy of the legendary badge.

Some EVs are more efficient and have more range for less money. But this one still outpaces many rivals with its design, class and sports car feel. For that reason the I-PACE is one of my favourite premium electric cars.

Model tested: Jaguar I-PACE Black
Battery: 90 kWh
400 hp
Torque:  696 Nm
4.8 seconds
Top speed:  200 km/h
Motor tax: 
€120 per year

The Jaguar I-PACE Black is on sale now
The Jaguar I-PACE Black is on sale now


Written by Caroline Kidd

Founder and Editor of Changing Lanes